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How the Rich Get Thin is a book about how rich people are able to lose weight. Jana Klauer, a Park Avenue doctor wrote the book to share her experiences working with her wealthy client base. The program she uses involves eating a strict diet of high quality protein and whole foods, something everyone can do, and everyone can lose weight with.

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This weight loss program focuses on high protein, low carbs, and no processed foods. You must include a source of high quality protein in every single meal, and severely limit your carb intake until you are in one of the later phases of the program. You also want to take in a high amount of calcium by including plenty of low-fat dairy options in your meals. It is also suggested that you take a high quality calcium substitute. The first phase of the diet is only three days long, but this is where most of your carbohydrate intake is restricted. You are on an extreme diet with high protein, low calories, and low carbs to act as a jump starter for your weight loss. The second phase of the program is followed until you have lost all but five pounds of your goal. This phase relies on high quality proteins, low fat dairy, and low carb meals, where you can have three snacks and three meals per day. The third phase allows for other foods to be reintroduced to the body so it can maintain weight. Week one allows for organic chicken. Week two allows for fruit. Week three is for legumes. Week five is for nuts, and week six is for grains. If you start seeing a weight gain during the week you are introducing the foods back, then that food should be cut from your diet. This program encourages regular exercise.

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  • This program focuses on eating unprocessed foods.
  • This program encourages exercise.
  • This program provides tips to help you during social situations.


  • This weight loss program is highly restrictive and requires you to eliminate a lot of foods from your diet.
  • Many dieters who do low carb find themselves feeling tired and sluggish.
  • Most dieters will not be able to identify with the Park Avenue “mindset” shown in the book.
  • The exercise requirements are not ideal for everyone, as many people need more than high impact aerobics.

Individual caloric requirements are not considered.

  • Those with allergies to diary products may find this program difficult to follow.
  • Though many of the ingredients are easily attainable, many of them are also too expensive for the average person to purchase.



While this program may seem good at first glance, it is really nothing more than a dressed up low carb program. We recommend you follow a nutritionally balanced diet, follow a consistent workout routine, and increase your water intake. For those who want an extra boost, adding a proven weight loss supplement will help.

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