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The How to Lose Weight Forever Diet is a virtual diet book claiming to have the final answer on weight loss. The author claims muscle burns more calories than fat, thus building more muscle is the key to weight loss. There is a problem with this theory. One pound of muscle burns an extra 30 calories per day. If the dieter does not eat a healthy, low calorie diet, it would take tons of muscle to burn off unhealthy caloric intake. Building muscle is a means of calorie burn, so the author is not completely incorrect. The process of building new muscle burns more calories than the muscle burns at rest or in motion. The eBook has no official website but there are plenty of affiliate marketers selling the information on the Internet.

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Diet plan based on eating many small meals and building muscle.

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Muscle building plans were once thought of as bodybuilding diets. The bodybuilder consumed protein to increase muscle mass and weight trained to define muscles and increase muscle size. Clinical research has shown that everyone benefits from weight training, even the 70-year-old woman in menopause as weight bearing exercises increase bone mass and helps prevent osteoporosis. Protein is a natural appetite suppressant. With the clich├ęs gone, the dieter can now follow a high protein weight loss plan with weight training and cardio exercise.

The How to Lose Weight Forever Diet is flawed on several levels. The most important is the complicated diet included in the plan. There is carb cycling and alkaline / acidic food balance. These two programs alone could have a complete book dedicated to them, let alone as part of an eBook on weight loss.

The six sections help keep the information easier to understand. Dieters will read through goal setting, detox, pH levels, metabolism repair, healthy eating habits and workout routines. Aside from the detox and pH levels, most diets follow this same format.

At the end of the day, the author creates a plan ideal for bodybuilder, resorting the dieter back to thinking high protein diets with weight training is for a select group of dieters. This may not be the best book for a dieter to read if they want to lose weight.

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  • High protein diets tend to curb hunger.


  • Too complicated.
  • Feeds into stereotypes about weight training and high protein diets.


There are numerous diets packed into the How to Lose Weight Forever Plan. The dieter may wish to try a diet that controls pH levels or carb cycling. Maybe they want to take a stab at high protein or low carbohydrate, but attacking them all at one time is a bit overpowering.

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