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How to Survive Your Diet is a diet book written by Linda Moran. Ms. Moran is a freelance author who advocates non-dieting as the best dieting option. The book was published by a small firm, Betterway Press in September of 2004.

Linda Moran has a personal website offering more information on ordering the book. Betterway Press also offers the book online, but the website for Linda Moran and Betterway Press look eerily similar. Upon a closer look, there are even some phrases repeated verbatim on both websites.


The How to Survive Your Diet book.

Product Features

How to Survive Your Diet is offered through Betterway Press and for $14.95. The book is broken up into sections related to eating and dealing with the dieting pressures. Topics covered include low fat diets, low carbohydrate diets, the Zone diet and Gastric Bypass surgery. Additional chapters cover the stress involved in dieting and the Diet Survivors club. The Diet Survivors group is a Yahoo weight loss group open to anyone and everyone who wants to join. The club is run by both Ms. Moran and her husband.

The back cover of the book offers the dieter a call to action regarding the idea of being a permanent dieter. According to Ms. Moran, she is neither a doctor nor a nutritionist but she has a new plan that will help you to lose the extra weight and keep it off by changing how you think about food. There is very little additional information on the How to Survive Your Diet book or the plans divulged inside. The few testimonials found on the Moran website are written by fellow writers and links to their books on Amazon are included on the website, leading us to believe the support could have been a give and take agreement. The testimonials available on the website offer a bit of insight into the theories of the How to Survive Your Diet book. Observing children in the dining state, many people will notice that children eat when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full. This is the heart of the How to Survive Your Diet book. Ms. Moran claims in order to lose weight; all you have to do is eat like a child.

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  • The book is inexpensive.
  • The book is only 150 pages long.
  • How to Survive Your Diet offers healthy eating changes for weight loss.


  • The theories in the book are not new.
  • Ms. Moran does not offer scientific proof this change will affect weight loss.
  • There are no appetite suppressants suggested to help ease hunger pangs.
  • Ms. Moran is not a trained nutritionist or doctor.


We live in a world where anyone can write a book and while the How to Survive Your Diet book may make for easy reading; the theories are not something phenomenal. In order to lose weight, the appetite that causes the body to overeat needs to be stopped and an appetite suppressant can help. Pair that supplement with a fat burner and the weight will come off.

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