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What You Should Know

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HSP Active is a supplement by the MRI Performance Company. This company produces products for body builders more so than products for those who are looking to lose weight. We will take a closer look at the product to determine if there is any reason why we believe our readers should consider giving it a try.

List Of Ingredients

HSP Active does not make their ingredient list known. Without the ingredient list, we cannot tell what’s in the formula, and without knowing what’s in the formula, we cannot judge how well it works.

Product Features

HSP Active is a supplement for body builders. HSPs are “heat shock proteins.” They are not from food sources, but they are one of the three building blocks of muscle. The HSPs are part of the functional proteins that build muscle. These types of proteins cannot be seen, but they play an important role in keeping the body healthy and strong. They build new muscle and help keep you alive by sending signals to your vital organs such as your heart, brain, and other important muscles. The hard thing we are having trouble understanding is where these protein sources come from, because they are not from food, but no ingredients are listed.

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  • HSP Active keeps heat shock proteins active in the body for up to 72 hours so users can get benefits before, during, and after working out.
  • This product advocates the use of a regular exercise program and balanced diet.


  • HSP Active has very little information about the product. Even though there is “science” to show how it works, it’s not something most people understand.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.
  • There are no free trials to allow people to try this product before they buy it.
  • There are no money back guarantees to support this product.
  • If these proteins are not food, where do they come from?


HSP Active is not ideal for those who just want to lose a few pounds. This is better suited for people who lift weights and are into regular body building. However, due to the lack of information on the ingredients in the formula, there is no way we can recommend it to body builders. There is obviously something to hide if they are not wiling to list the source of the “non-dietary” proteins. Instead, look for proven supplements and use them with the correct diet and exercise.

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