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HST refers to Hypertrophy Specific Training. This unique training program is used by some bodybuilders. It involves a training period and a rest period. The bodybuilder needs to increase protein intake for the duration of the training program, but calories should be reduced during the off-training portion of the program. HST diet pills are no different than those used during other training programs, but the bodybuilder needs to take different HST diet pills during the active training portion than they do during the off-training portion.

Dieters do not use HST to lose weight, in most cases. Regular weight training combined with cardio workouts is ideal for weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Supplements used during HST.

Product Features

What are the best HST diet pills? Creatine and protein top the list. Most bodybuilders will also take BCAA and Glutamine to promote muscle energy and recovery. During the active training portion, the bodybuilder uses all the supplements they would normally use to build muscle. During the off-training cycle, the creatine can be replaced with additional protein, but overall calories should be cut to reduce the risk of gaining fat instead of muscle.

HST diet pills often include caffeine and other stimulants to increase energy during workouts. Caffeine also increases heart rate and when combined with nitric oxide boosters like Arginine, may speed up the movement of supplements to the muscle. Caffeine can be taken during both active training and inactive training.

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  • HST diet pills support muscle growth and recovery.
  • There are no special pills or supplements needed during HST.
  • The bodybuilder can use common bodybuilding supplements.


  • HST is not for dieters.
  • Creatine may cause water retention and bloating.
  • HST diet pills are not commonly used for weight loss.
  • There are no special, dedicated HST diet pills.
  • Some bodybuilding supplements will cause weight gain.
  • Creatine can cause muscle cramping.
  • Too much caffeine can cause jitters and shakes.
  • Dieters should not take HST diet pills.


The HST diet pills a bodybuilder uses support muscle gain and muscle recovery. Dieters have no need for the creatine, BCAA and glutamine typically used by bodybuilders as none increase metabolism or weight loss. Caffeine, on the other hand, is crucial to weight loss and is commonly used by both bodybuilders and dieters.

HST is a unique and complicated training program. Bodybuilders need to ensure they are eating enough calories during training and reducing calories enough during the off-cycle to prevent fat gain and weight gain. Ideally, HST diet pills will support the bodybuilder during the active and inactive phases of the training program. Bodybuilding forums offer tons of information on HST and HST diet pills.

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