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The Hula Ab Chair, also marketed as the Hawaii Ab Chair, is a piece of exercise equipment manufactured by Hula Health Chair International and distributed in the US by IB3 Health Centre based in Ferndale, Washington. The Hula Ab Chair claims to tone abdominal muscles, trim excess fat from the waist and to “strengthen hip muscles for a shapelier behind” all while the user is sitting. It also claims to offer a “rhythmic massage like that of Polynesian dancing.” In its infomercials, the Hula Chair claims to be easy to use at the office and shows users on the Hula Chair while typing on a computer, filing papers and talking on the phone.


There is no official website online for Hula Health Chair International, but the IB3 Health Centre website provides much information about this product. IB3 Health Centre offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product, minus shipping fees and a 10% handling charge.

There are no customer testimonials available on the official website or on other websites. Television talk show host Ellen Degeneres used the chair to comedic effect on her show on Feb. 8, 2008, showing how difficult it would be to perform simple office tasks while using the chair at high speed. MSNBC health editor Linda Dahlstrom also reviewed the Hula Ab Chair in June 2008 and concluded that the chair “provided hilarity, excitement, suspense and an element of danger. What it doesn’t offer is actual exercise.” MSNBC fitness contributor Jay Blahnik pointed out the passive resistance exercise by the chair is no more than the exercise one would obtain from standing while doing hip circles or bending side to side.


Product Features

Hula Ab Chair is a computer desk chair with a seat that rotates in circular movements in order to cause the sitter’s abdominal muscles to resist the movement, thereby producing passive exercise. The Hula Ab Chair comes with 9 speeds and comes in 3 sizes for different user heights and 3 different colors. There is also a bench-style Hula Ab Chair without a backrest. Anyone considering using a new piece of exercise equipment should consult their doctor or personal therapist. The Hula Ab Chair costs $259 on the IB3 Health Centre website and between $299 and $349 from other online retailers.


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  • The Hula Ab Chair can be purchased online at the IB3 Health Centre website or from other online retailers.
  • The Hula Ab Chair does promote some abdominal exercise while sitting in a chair.



  • The abdominal exercise gained by the Hula Ab Chair is no more than would be gained by simply standing and doing hip circles or by leaning from side to side.
  • The refund policy offered by IB3 Health Centre does not include shipping and has a 10% handling fee.
  • IB3 Health Centre does not offer customer testimonials on its website.
  • The Hula Ab Chair does not encourage a healthy diet or fitness plan to be used along with this product.
  • As demonstrated by Ellen Degeneres and Linda Dahlstrom, the Hula Ab Chair is not easy to use while performing office tasks such as typing on a computer or answering the telephone, contrary to advertising claims.


Hula Ab Chair is a piece of exercise equipment designed to provide some abdominal exercise while sitting still in a chair. The Hula Ab Chair claims to tone muscles in hips and waist and also provide fat-burning aerobic exercise. Reviews of this product by fitness experts claim that the most basic standing exercises would produce the same if not greater health benefit. Furthermore, the Hula Ab Chair has been shown to be falsely marketed as easy to use while completing office tasks.


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