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The Hunger Free Forever program is based on a book written by Dr. Michael Lyon and Dr. Michael Murray. There is an official website for the book with videos of the Drs discussing the theories and practices they believe will help you solve your weight loss problems forever. Dr. Lyon is a teacher and Dr. Murray is a natural medicine expert.


The Hunger Free Forever book.

Product Features

The official website for the Hunger Free Forever book is one of the most informative of any book website. Unlike other authors, the Drs are willing to discuss some of the details of the book on the website before the reader buys a copy. Among the details discussed are the focus on taking the right supplements and overcoming the bad habits and relationships every dieter has with food.

The supplement discussed on the website is PolyGlycopleX. PolyGlycopleX is a form of fiber endorsed by the Drs. The super fiber was discovered by Dr. David Jenkins and is supposed to be able to absorb 600 times its weight thus providing an appetite suppressing reaction in the stomach. When looking more closely at the website, there are several ads for PolyGlycopleX as well as articles discussing the product. While there was no link found between the Drs and PolyGlycopleX, the extensive support seems a bit overwhelming. The website offers contact information via a web form only. There are testimonials on the website but no dates or before and after pictures to truly judge the results. The testimonials refer to PolyGlycopleX as “your product”. The Hunger Free Forever book retails on for as little as $3.99.

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  • The Hunger Free Forever book is cheap.
  • The doctors support healthy eating.
  • There is an official website for the Hunger Free Forever book.
  • There is contact information.


  • The website reads more like an ad for PolyGlycopleX than Hunger Free Forever.
  • The testimonials do not offer before and after pictures.
  • Diet books have proven unhelpful to many.
  • While it provides some helpful advice, the book will do little to actually help you with weight loss.


The Hunger Free Forever book may offer some information that could help the dieter to look at weight loss in a new and exciting way, but it seems they will have to move the ads for PolyGlycopleX out of the way. This fiber is at the heart of the diet plan offered by Hunger Free Forever and while fiber is a big part of feeling fuller, longer, it is not the only supplement that helps to reduce hunger. There is no fat burner mentioned on the website and we tend to support the use of a fat burner in combination with an appetite suppressant.

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