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HungerAway is another Hoodia supplement that prides itself on being 100% pure straight from the Kalahari Desert. The number one claim of the HungerAway supplement is appetite suppression. HungerAway is distributed by HoodiaPharm. When looking up the HoodiaPharm website we were redirected to the HungerAway website.


100% Pure Hoodia.

Product Features

Both the HoodiaPharm and the HungerAway websites are exactly the same. The site is laden with information about Hoodia, articles about Hoodia and links to Hoodia in the news all over the world. There are certifications available on the website showing the visitor that the product is what it claims to be; pure Hoodia.

The testimonials on the website provide both before and after photos. The two testimonials provided on the site claim a combined total weight loss of 90 pounds. The website also explains the 15 day free trial available for those who want to try HungerAway for free. The product will be shipped out and if the user does not call to request a return authorization, their credit card will be billed nearly $23.00 for the bottle. This would mean the product costs about $46.00 for a 30 day supply. The HungerAway website also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling, with an authorized return number. However, the website clearly states the return is for first time buyers only.

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  • Hoodia is thought to curb appetite.
  • There is contact information available.
  • A 15 day trial supply is offered.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee for first time buyers.


  • The scientific support for Hoodia as an appetite suppressant is lacking.
  • There is no fat burner in HungerAway.
  • Some medical professionals believe that hoodia’s effects diminish with long-term use.


Hoodia has been in the news for several years as both the best and the worst choice in weight loss supplements. Today, people are looking to increase fat burning and decrease hunger at the same time. This product will not fill that need. HungerAway is all about promoting South African Hoodia and not the HungerAway product. There is no evidence that the product has been tested for efficacy at all. Choosing a weight loss supplement is a huge choice. The best option is a fat burner and an appetite suppressant combined that is proven to work. There are simply too many questions about whether or not Hoodia will truly work to help you lose weight and with only two testimonials on the website, it seems there are no human trials to bank on either.

The contact information on the HoodiaPharm website is much easier to find than on the HungerAway website. There is email and phone contact available for people who have questions regarding the HungerAway product.

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