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Hungry Girl Happy Hour is a cookbook written by Lisa Lillen. It is one of the many in her series of “Hungry Girl” books, and helped lead to her television show on the Cooking Channel and Food Network. This is not a diet or a weight loss plan, but for people who enjoy drinking cocktails and party foods, this is an ideal way for you to enjoy them while you are dieting.

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Hungry Girl Happy Hour features a collection of 75 recipes for your favorite finger foods, appetizers, and cocktails, with fewer calories than the originals. They are designed to help you get the tastes you are craving, without blowing your diet efforts. Since deprivation is one of the main reasons diets fail, having something like this on your side can really help you reach your long term weight loss goals. This however, is not a diet, or weight loss plan, and it will not address fitness. The recipes are limited to drinks and snacks, so you will have to purchase some of her other cookbooks to get lower calorie meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the recipes in this book include: Cocoa-nut Banana Rum-ble Frenzy (188 calories), Blendy Bananas Foster (227 calories), Red Hot Cinnamon Shots (98 calories), Black Forest Jell-O Shot Desserts (49 calories), Spiked Strawberry Shake (204 calories), and Hungry, Hungry Hurricane (132 calories).

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  • Hungry Girl Happy Hour makes healthier versions of bar and party favorites.
  • This book is available from many different vendors online and off.


  • Hungry Girl Happy Hour will not appeal to people who do not drink alcohol.
  • This is not a diet.
  • This does not address fitness and exercise.
  • For people following a diet that does not allow for alcohol, this will be a hard sale.
  • The author is not a registered dietician.


Hungry Girl Happy Hour is a good choice for people who are dieting and want slightly healthier versions of their favorite cocktails and party foods. This way, dieters can indulge in their favorites without having to blow your weight loss efforts. Beyond alcohol, there are recipes for appetizers and finger foods, too. If you use these recipes in the place of your high fat and high calorie dishes with an otherwise balanced diet and regular exercise routine, you may be able to see more weight loss results. Beyond your diet and exercise, it is also ideal to choose a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, or a combination of the two. The addition of the supplement will help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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