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Lisa Lillien, also known as “Hungry Girl” has built quite the weight loss and management brand online and on television over the last few years. Her book, Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World is the first in what ended up becoming a series. This book helps people learn how to eat healthy no matter what they are faced with. It is full of “swaps” or healthier versions of many popular dishes, and includes recipes to help readers get started. She has lost 30 pounds with this technique and has been maintaining her weight with the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program.

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Her program is based on using lower calorie substitutions for many ingredients. All her recipes are for single servings, so as to appeal to dieters who live alone, or those who are the only ones in the home on a diet. She advocates using healthier methods of cooking, such as baking over frying. The single servings make it easier to avoid temptation. This diet will not appeal to people who want to eat a more natural, whole diet, as these recipes focus on using many different processed foods. She also recommends using foods with the “diet” or “light” label, which may not be as healthy as you may think. The diet is centered around convenience and even offers tips and tricks for dining out and traveling.

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  • This program provides lower calorie versions of many “favorite foods.”
  • The recipes in this program are quick and easy to make.
  • Nutrition information is included with all the recipes.


  • Several of the recipes are simply lower calorie versions of unhealthy food.
  • The author is not a doctor or nutritionist.
  • This program encourages people to use artificial sweeteners.
  • This program encourages people to use processed foods.
  • Those who are worried about sodium intake should likely look for another book, because most of the recipes in this one contain a lot of sodium.
  • The recipes do not feature enough produce.
  • The recipes lack essential fatty acids.
  • Several readers have said the recipes are not filling.
  • This program does not address how important it is to exercise, or how important it is to manage stress and get enough sleep.


Though reducing calorie intake will make it possible for most people to lose weight, many people will eventually plateau because they are eating junk food with less calories in it. This is not an ideal approach for those looking to get healthy while losing weight. Follow a nutritionally balanced diet while working out regularly and using a proven weight loss supplement for best results.

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