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While many have sworn off breads and other carbohydrates in their quest to lose weight, there are others who have dropped the extra pounds eating Hunza bread every day. This bread originally came on the market in a mix that could be ordered from a Swedish company for a relatively high price. However, now there are multiple websites offering free Hunza bread recipes along with a variety of ways to use the food in a weight loss program.

The idea behind the Hunza bread miracle appears to be that by eating a piece of this bread before a meal, or sometimes in place of a meal, you can curb your appetite and eat less. However, this theory will work equally well with other types of high fiber foods or even enjoying a large salad 30 minutes before dinner. However, the advantage to the Hunza bread has to do with the fact that the high fiber content and nutrients in the mix do a much better job of filling you up and providing necessary substances.


The basic ingredients of Hunza bread include a high fiber grain like millet or buckwheat, an oil like canola oil, unrefined sugar, honey and molasses, milk (although some recipes call for soya milk), and some spices.

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We would like to note that some recipes actually called for whole milk and other high calorie ingredients that are not typically recommended on a low fat, low cal menu. Many recipes also recommend throwing in a dried fruit like raisins and some nuts, which will also up the caloric intake of the bread, even while adding nutritional value and flavor to the mix. We do like the fact that dieters can find a number of Hunza bread recipes on the Internet, allowing them to choose the one that will best fit their dietary needs and personal tastes.

If dieters would prefer to purchase a mix for their Hunza bread, the mix can be purchased through some online retailers. The cost runs about $20-$30 for five pounds of mix at the time of this review. Most mixes only require the addition of water and oil to complete a batch of Hunza bread.

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  • Hunza bread provides fiber and nutrition through whole grains and other healthy ingredients.
  • The variety of recipes allows dieters to tailor the plan to their own preferences.


  • The idea of reducing appetite for meals can be done in a variety of ways besides Hunza bread.
  • Many of the ingredients in these recipes are packed with calories and fat.
  • There is no set program to follow with the Hunza bread.


Hunza bread is not the first item to come on the weight loss market to reduce appetite before meals. However, this plan creates more work for the dieter since the bread must be baked regularly to keep the program going. The bread does not include any other component to the weight loss program, such as a low calorie diet, exercise or a weight loss supplement. We believe these factors will combine to make for a successful weight loss program.

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