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The Hy-Tech Weight Loss System is a physician guided weight loss plan located in Nebraska, Florida, Illinois and Iowa. The centers are available for Franchise throughout the United States. Marketed as a weight loss plan that is not a one size fits all product, the program offers a focus on lifestyle, activity levels, body functions and overall body health



The Hy-Tech Weight Loss Program.

Product Features

Each Hy-Tech Weight Loss location is independently owned and operated as is the case with every franchise. The physician directed program focuses on each individual and their needs for weight loss based upon overall body health. The program includes metabolic testing, BMI testing, Muscle to Fat testing and oxygen metabolic effect testing. After the test results are computed, a personalized weight loss program is created based upon the individual and not the amount of weight the person needs to lose.

The main website for Hy-Tech Weight Loss, offers contact information. This information, however, directs the visitor to the local branch of the program. This limits the amount of people who can take part in the Hy-Tech Weight Loss program if they do no currently live close to one of the available franchises. The Hy-Tech Weight Loss franchise offers several options for the dieter who wants to lose weight. One of the options is the Thinner Image process. This process takes a current picture and within minutes reduces the weight of the person in the picture by up to 100 pounds in order for the dieter to see what they will look like after they lose weight. This process costs $29.95.

The website offers testimonials with before and after photos and videos from people who have used the Hy-Tech Weight Loss program. While there is no pricing information listed on the website, there is an offer for a 50% rebate for those dieters who reach the goals set by the Hy-Tech Weight Loss clinic.

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  • Physician guided weight loss.
  • Contact information is offered.
  • A 50% rebate can be received for meeting weight loss goals.


  • The website offers very little information on the program itself.
  • The locations are limited to a small area.
  • The Hy-Tech Weight Loss program is a franchise.


For some people, physician guided weight loss may work. For others, the program will appear no different from other programs offered through a doctor. While no pricing information is listed, the medical tests required by the clinic will undoubtedly cost a large sum of money. There is no mention of fat burners or appetite suppressant which can increase the amount of weight loss without the huge cost of a physician based program.

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    Your Name

    Only Long lasting Program I have Used


  • 2
    Caroalyn Fisher

    How much does the program cost?


  • 3

    I just signed up for the program, only offered one program or even told of one. I asked about this 50% refund and the manager says thet don’t do that. Where did this info come from?


  • 4

    Cost is $800 for a 60 day program. Insurance does not cover. Counselors are good at getting you to sign the contract I set up an appointment and still had to wait over an hour to see the nurse. Make sure you talk to the better half the contract is non refundable. 500 calorie diet so hopefully you have no hunger and like to give yourself daily injections in the gut. Im sure the diet works you are only eating 500 calories


    Ted Price

    Unless you are morbidly obese “No” ins. will pay for weight loss. However, most flex plans will pay the entire cost. Most patients will see the nurse immediately without a wait. Because the prescription,exam and all collateral supplements etc. are included in the cost it is non-refundable. The price varies on length of time and weight needed to lose. There are a dozen different payment plans



    The thing that upsets me is that after I payed is when I was put in a room for at least 40 minutes before I saw your receptionist who took my measurements and explained the program not the nurse the nurse came in after to tell me really nothing except where to pick up the injections all I am saying is while I was sitting in your office you lost me money also (I am a contractor) and I never would of payed if I were waiting before hand. So I just think you got my money and said what the hell he can wait as long as we please because the charge is non refundable, but it is reverseable and the ammount you quoted me to get out of the program is way too high for me just sitting there unattended for most the time. Also name the dozon different payment plans because I wasent, another over exaggeration Im guessing



    I was very well taken care of by Hy-Tech and what happened was just an accident. The nurse went to the incorrect room by mistake and I was having a bad day and I blew up a little.

  • 5
    Sue Beller

    Are any of the services offered covered by insurance or Medicare?


  • 6
    Julie Sparker

    I joined Hy-Tech one month ago and it was worth every penny! So far, I’ve lost 32lbs and counting! The counselors are thorough and caring.
    Julie S. 5/20/10



    What is the cost? I want to share this information with my daughter, but her finances are limited.



    Over rated…. Expensive. … Non refundable!!!!!!!



    I would also like to know the costs involved. I have a limited budget and insurance will not cover the program.


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