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What You Should Know

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HydroBurn EF is a weight loss supplement offered by Universal Nutrition. This supplement is more of a diuretic than a weight loss supplement. The ingredient listing is huge but that does not make this product more effective than any other weight loss product on the market.

The official website for Universal Nutrition offers HydroBurn EF, but there is no website specifically written for the HydroBurn EF supplement. The EF stands for Ephedra Free which leads us to believe there was a product offered with Ephedra before the substance was banned by the FDA. There is contact information available on the Universal Nutrition website as well as a detailed listing of the ingredients available in the HydroBurn EF product.


Hydroxynol, Bitter Orange Extract, Guarana Extract, Salicin Complex, L-Carnitine, Chromium Picolinate, Cayenne Extract, Uva Ursi, Dandelion Root, Hydroxycitric Acid, Purple Willow Bark, White Willow Bark, Whey, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid.

Product Features

One quick look at the ingredient list and you will see what resembles an ECA stack. ECA stacks were very popular when Ephedra was legal. The Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin stack was supposed to optimize the efficacy of the weight loss supplement. HydroBurn EF offers Bitter Orange, Guarana and Salicin. The Bitter Orange is used in many products as the new Ephedra. Guarana is natural caffeine and Salicin is natural aspirin.

There are 80 capsules per bottle of HydroBurn EF. The recommended dosage is up to 12 capsules every day. This means at $23.50 per bottle, the product will cost more than 4 times that much every month. The product information listed on the Universal Nutrition website supports the use of HydroBurn EF as a diuretic more than a weight loss supplement. UN even states the product can be used to make the body appear thinner and increase the look of the muscle by reducing the water weight between the skin and the muscle. This is a benefit for bodybuilders but will not help people who want to lose weight over the long term.

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  • The product contains some ingredients that could help with fat burning.
  • There is contact information.
  • A complete ingredient list is available online.
  • Disadvantages

    • HydroBurn EF is expensive at more than $100 a month.
    • The product is aimed toward water weight loss and not fat loss.
    • There is no return policy listed.
    • There is no free trial available.


    HydroBurn EF is stacked with a huge list of ingredients but that does not make this supplement more effective. In order to use a weight loss supplement to lose weight, the product needs to contain the right amount of natural fat burners and appetite suppressants. HydroBurn EF is more of a diuretic than a weight loss supplement.

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