Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill Review

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Hydroworx Underwater treadmill is fitness product used to assist individuals with a variety of health concerns, including, weight loss, pediatric care, neurological and neuromuscular care as well as orthopedic care. The benefits of using a treadmill verses running/jogging on the road are proven to reduce the impact on the knees and joints. When combined with underwater training, the chances of injury are potentially reduced even further. There are several fitness clubs and therapy center using Hydroworx Underwater treadmill, but individuals have the opportunity to have the same equipment in the comfort of their home. The price of the Hydroworx Underwater treadmill is approximately $32,000.

List of Ingredients


  • Underwater treadmill.

Product Features

Hydroworx Underwater treadmill is a fitness system designed to reduce the impact on the joints commonly associated with running on the road. The product allows individuals to walk or run up to 8.5 miles per hour, perform plyometric exercises, walk and sprint. By performing exercises underwater, you body weight is reduced.

The Hydroworx Underwater treadmill is used in fitness clubs, training centers as well as the home. The cost of the product is rather high. Traditional treadmills cost in excess of $500. The Hydroworx Underwater treadmill costs in excess of $32,000. At first, we assumed the product was sold independently of the swimming pool. Instead, the treadmill is included with the purchase of the pool. We feel as if the benefits of water exercise could potentially be overshadowed by the price.

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  • Underwater fitness training has proven benefits.
  • Increases range of motion.
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance.
  • Underwater camera to monitor progress.
  • Attachments for muscle massages.
  • The tread belt is larger than traditional treadmills.
  • The effects of underwater treadmill use were researched to prove the benefits.
  • Low impact.


  • The Hydroworx Underwater treadmill is expensive.


There are proven benefits of using a treadmill instead of running on the road. There are also proven benefits of swimming and water aerobics. When combined, Hydroworx Underwater treadmill is one of the most efficient pieces of equipment on the market. The benefits of underwater training include increased range of motion, increased flexibility, muscle toning and low-impact. The major concern we found with the Hydroworx Underwater treadmill was the price. We assumed the product was purchased separately from the pool. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase the pool and the treadmill is included. The Hydroworx Underwater treadmill costs a minimum of $32,000. The out-of-pocket expensive is extreme. The average dieter could pay for a fitness club membership for the rest of their lives instead of purchasing the Hydroworx Underwater treadmill. We see the benefits, but the price definitely outweighs them.

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