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Hydroxycut is a popular name in weight loss, with many claiming success in reaching weight loss goals by taking this supplement. Now Hydroxycut Instant Drink Packets allow dieters to enjoy a whole new form of this popular weight loss supplement, by providing a powder that can be added to any water bottle for diet help on the go. The packets are sold on the Hydroxycut website and come in both wildberry and lemonade flavors. The formula claims to be similar to the ingredient list featured for the original Hydroxycut caplets, which the company states can help dieters lose up to 4.5 times more weight than with diet and exercise alone.

We like that the Hydroxycut website provided recommendations and information about a healthy diet and exercise program. We believe that these two components combined with an effective weight loss supplement are the best methods for successfully meeting weight loss goals. However, we will need to look at the Hydroxycut Instant Drink Packets in more detail to see if this formula provides the most effective weight loss assistance on the market today.


The ingredients in the Hydroxycut Instant Drink Packets include garcinia cambogia extract, chromium polynicotinate and gymnema sylvestre extract, a similar formula to the Hydroxycut caplets that have become so popular.

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While we like these ingredients in a weight loss formula, we believe there is at least one element that is sorely lacking in this combination. In order to achieve thermogenesis, which is an increased rate of fat burning, this product needs to include some known thermogenics. While garcinia cambogia may provide some fat burning ability, we also like to see ingredients like green tea extract or guarana, which also contains caffeine, for maximum benefit. The Hydroxycut Instant Drink Packets do not seem to include either of these substances.

It does not appear that Hydroxycut offers their products for sale on the company website. Instead, the website refers customers to a long list of online retailers and physical stores from which customers can make purchases. We prefer a company that sells its products directly, so that consumers can take advantage of free trial offers or money back guarantees that allow them to sample new products risk free. We could not find any such offers for the Hydroxycut Instant Drink Packets.

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  • Hydroxycut offers a number of proven weight loss supplements in its formula.
  • The company has a reputation for success and quality.


  • The Hydroxycut drink packets do not provide many thermogenic ingredients.
  • The company does not appear to offer a money back guarantee on purchases.
  • The products are not available for sale directly from the company.


Hydroxycut is a popular name in weight loss today, with many singing the praises of this company. The website provides ample information about the products, although we wish they would offer the products for sale directly. However, we are not convinced that the Hydroxycut Instant Drink Packets pack a potent enough punch to have the desired effect in weight loss. We believe that ingredients like green tea or guarana would give this formula the extra thermogenic kick it needs to achieve maximum results.

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