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Hydroxycut Max Review - Does This Fat Burning System Work? Are cost and dangerous ingredients deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

hydroxycut-max-product-imageHydroxycut Max is a popular women’s supplement that we’ve heard a lot about lately, so we did an in-depth review of this fat burning system. We looked at the active ingredients, any harmful side effects, any clinical research or scientific studies, and checked out their official website to see how their customer service quality was. We then put all our information together in the form of a condensed review to give you all the information you need to make a decision on this supplement.

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What You Need to Know

Hydroxycut Max is a fat burning supplement that is designed specifically for women. The ingredients are designed to produce optimal results in females, so it shouldn’t be used with males. Some ingredients include green tea extract, caffeine, folic acid, sesame oil, and several other all natural ingredients. The main active ingredient is cissus quadrangularis extract, which works to metabolize fat and boost weight loss results. Because this supplement comes in pill form, it’s convenient and easy to take anywhere.

This supplement was introduced in 2002, and it’s encouraging to see a company with that kind of longevity, but they’ve done some tinkering with their ingredients over the past 13 years. In 2004, their main ingredient, Ephedra, was banned by the FDA, so they changed their formula. In 2009, the FDA issued a consumer warning on all Hydroxycut products, leading to a total recall. The formulas have since been changed, and no known FDA bans are in place, but the current formula is not endorsed by the FDA. Some benefits of Hydroxycut Max include the accessibility of the product online and in health stores, the effectiveness of the product, and the clinical studies that have been conducted that have shown that Hydroxycut Max significantly outperforms a placebo. There are also some positive comments in online reviews, but read on…

Price – “Yee-Ouch”

One concern that is evident when reading through online reviews is the price. The current price for Hydroxycut Max is $60 per bottle, with each bottle lasting only 10-15 days. “Hydroxycut Max has a similar cost per pill to most competing products,” said our research editor. “But as you progress into the program, you’re required to take more and more pills per day, with some users taking as many as 8-10 capsules per day.”  The total cost for many users exceeds $150 per month, which is more than most people can afford to spend on weight loss supplements. Women taking Hydroxycut Max are also encouraged to buy other Hydroxycut products, further adding to the high cost of this fat burning system.

“These started off OK, but after a week, I was taking too many pills to be able to afford to keep buying Hydroxicut,” said one user.

“I saw good results, but I need a more affordable alternative,” said another.

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Harmful Ingredients – Another Concern

One other disturbing thing about Hydroxycut Max that we found was that there were significant harmful side effects, and a history of dangerous ingredients in Hyroxicut products. Because they’ve used ephedra and other banned ingredients in the past, it’s difficult to have confidence in their current ingredients. Hydroxycut has also been linked to Ischemic Colitis, Liver Failure, Caffeine Overdose, and Rhabdomylosis. “I started Hydroxycut Max, but my heart started racing, I felt jittery, and I started sweating more than usual,” said one customer online.

“This supplement may help lose weight, but I can’t put up with the side effects,” said another. In reading through online forums, reviews, and comment sections, many customers agree, but some had some advice on how to cope with the side effects, like this customer: “Start slowly with Hydroxycut to allow your body to get used to the ingredients.” It seems like those who start slowly with this program are more likely to avoid the negative side effects that are often seen with Hydroxycut Max.

Our research has shown that whenever something especially difficult exists within a weight loss program (bad taste, negative side effects, painful workout routine, etc.), users are less likely to find long term success. If  Hydroxycut Max really does have harmful ingredients that cause these side effects, this could be an issue for those aiming for permanent weight loss.

The Science

Hydroxycut Max does have significant data from clinical studies showing that the supplement is more effective than a placebo, and scientific research backs up their claims, but there are no studies proving that this supplement is more effective than dozens of widely available supplements that are much more inexpensive that also provide good results. Here at DietSpotlight, we want a product that produces results that are significantly better than cheaper alternatives in order to justify a high price tag.

The Bottom Line

There are some highlights that we noticed about Hydroxycut Max. We liked the easy access to the product online and in every major health store, the positive reviews that some users wrote, and the longevity of the company, but it all boiled down to the safety of this product. Because of the myriad of health and safety issues that people have had when taking Hydroxycut Max, we’re unable to recommend this product to our readers. There is no proof that this product works better than more affordable alternatives, the cost is prohibitive to many would-be users, and the negative side effects are potentially too harmful to overlook.

If you’re looking to drop weight in a safe and healthy fashion, we suggest you find a supplement that is affordable, offers proven results, and has a list of safe ingredients that are backed by published scientific research.

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What You Should Know

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Hydroxycut Max is marketed as a super-fast fat burner specifically designed for women. It contains no less than 25 different ingredients that are supposed to amplify norepinephrine, a hormone in the body that can affect many body systems. However, norepinephrine's role as the "fat-burning hormone" appears to be unsubstantiated. Some consumers may feel that products with more ingredients work better than products that have few active ingredients, but we often find the opposite to be the case. Some diet product manufacturers focus on three or four of the best ingredients and expertly formulate them to provide an effective product.

Hydroxycut Max is presented in liquid-cap form which the company claims will work five times faster than a pill, although it is unclear what difference an hour or two will make. Hydroxycut Max is sold exclusively through GNC stores and is not available online. According to the product's label, 3 liquid-caps two times a day are to be taken. This means that each 120-pill bottle will last 20 days. That makes the final cost of Hydroxycut Max around $90 per month which is out of the affordable range for many consumers.

List of Ingredients

The active ingredients in Hydroxycut Max are: green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, xanthinol nicotinate, yohimblne HCI, black tea extract, wu long tea extract, rooibos tea extract, cissus quadrangularis extract, soy isoflavones, rose hip powder, hibiscus extract, garcinia cambogia extract, L-lysine HCI, diacylglycerol, dandelion powder, juniper powder, terminalia chebula powder, angelica keiskel powder, mangosteen extract, chaste extract, citrus peel, soy phospholipids, raspberry extract, and policosanol. The inactive ingredients include: sesame oil, gelatin, FD&C Red No. 40, caramel color (may contain sulfites and wheat), polysorbate 80, ink (shellac, dehydrated alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, butylalcohol, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, povidone, titanium dioxide).

Product Features

The star active ingredient touted by Hydroxycut Max is cissus quadrangularis extract. This plant, native to India and Ceylon, has been shown in one study to be effective at metabolizing fat and assisting in weight loss. We would like to see more studies to confirm the results of this study. The caffeine in the Hydroxycut Max formulation acts as a stimulant and has proven thermogenic properties. Thermogenesis speeds up the body's metabolism and starts to break down adipose (fat) tissue. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and should seek out a non-caffeinated diet aid. The purpose of the other twenty two ingredients is unclear and the company does not explain it on their website.

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  • Hydroxycut Max may provide some assistance with weight loss due to its ingredients.


  • The product is expensive compared with similar products.
  • Hydroxycut Max contains over twenty unexplained ingredients.
  • No money-back guarantee is evident on the manufacturer's website at this time.
  • Consumers cannot purchase this product directly from the manufacturer.


Hydroxycut Max contains almost two dozen ingredients that supposedly have remarkable fat-burning properties. However, we find the product's formulation is nothing to write home about. The main active ingredient has only had one small clinical trial to rely on. Until we see more clinical evidence of Hydroxycut Max's effectiveness, we recommend that consumers seek out a product with more clinical proof to back up its claims.

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  • 1

    I juststarted hydricycut max for women today. I havefelt naseous all day long but it has suppressed my hunger and made me feel a bit jittery but the price is ridiculous I honestly dontthink I will follow the take6 a day instructions I’m using it more as an aid than a dependent so I’m just gonna stick with the two times a daythe only thing is I have the runslike crazy I’ve gone poop like twice and pee like fourtimes in only a four hour period!!


  • 2

    Used it, not worth the money. There was no energy boost and even with a reduced calorie diet, 8-10 glasses of water a day and exercise…..why would you need a pill if you are doing all that anyway? It was not worth it.


  • 3

    i am a hairdresser and i hardly have much time to work out but i need to loss the weight would the hydroxcut work for me .


  • 4

    I’m a man taking hydroxycut max will this hurt me or harm me in anyway.. I picked up the wrong bottle lol


  • 5

    I’ve taken Hydroxycut since April (it’s now July). I need to lose 15-20 lbs that snuck up on me last year and have been quite stubborn since I got a desk job sitting on my butt 8 hours a day. I skipped a couple weeks of Hydroxycut after having some interesting side effects. Back in April/May, I was fine and exercised 3 times a week for 45min to an hour. I was looking pretty good within 2-3 weeks.
    Once I increased the dose to two pills a day (I did this later than the instructions said)I started having panic attacks and heart-racing. I do not get panic attacks normally; I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my glasses… I haven’t worn glasses in 3 years! So I stopped the Hydroxycut after that and let it get out of my system.

    Once again, the weight started creeping back up, everything I lost was almost back, so I went back on it. I’m not going to bump it up to 2 or 3 pills a day since I saw what happened before. One pill a day in the morning is enough for me and it makes me feel really tired and groggy the next morning anyway. Two pills is unbearable.


  • 6

    Started hydroxycut max for women today, eager I took it 10 minutes before lunch rater than 30 minutes before. I felt fine and really hyper (energized) I was having fun and if run my headache that I felt coming on. I tried drinking water as much as I could white my lacrosse game but as soon as she put me out and I was running I felt so light headed and as though I was going to pass out right on that spot and walked myself off field. It was pretty scary and I think it was because I wasn’t hydrated through out the day or I took the pill right before lunch maybe both. but I’m scared to try it tomorrow if the same thing will happen. Right now I’m 5’7 at 155 striving for 140/135 should I just stick with it till the weight is gone?


  • 7

    i started hydroxycut max today at 6am. i weighed myself at work which is in a hospital so its pretty acurate. i was a lil over 114. i have drank 3 bottles of water and went pee like 10 times within the past 7 1/2 hours. for breakfast i had an activia drinkable yougurt and some thin wheats and the same for lunch at 12:45. even though i was not hungry. i spent 45 min walking with a sweater even though it was warm and did 100 sit ups. i weighed myself out of curiosity and ive ALMOST lost 1 pound. i can barely believe it myself. the side effects arent to bad although i did panic a bit when i saw how huge my pupils are and i fel a bit jittery and nauseous. i got light headed after lunc but i did a few sit ups and im fine. just make sure you do something to use up a bit f the extra energy it gives you so you dont get to jittery. ill update on here as the days go by.


  • 8

    My first day was full of energy . But make sure you eat with the product , lots of water ,listen to your body( caffine can be a bite much .) I take it one time perday in the a.m. , wrk out twice a day , eat healthy balance diet . (Chicken , fish , protine , fruit & veggie )


  • 9

    today 01/20/13 is my first day taking hydroxycut max for women it’s been 14 minutes. I was wondering if y’all could tell me how was it the first day for you all.


  • 10

    I have been taking these pills for about a week now, and have lost around 7 pounds.. I am 18, male,. 6″” 1, 230 pounds. I haven’t really been excersising. These pills upset my stomach, and force me not to eat. I guess it helps if you have an eating disorder. You will never look at food the same again.


  • 11

    So im 19! lol anyways i just got hm, but i havent take nun, cause im scare.!! what do yall think? should i take them or no? 😮


  • 12

    Feel sick. Been laying down for 6 hours but haven’t eaten anything because it’ll make me throw up.


  • 13

    Hii. I’m Sunni, 20 years old. Started at 308 stand 6’1″ now I’m 279… Definitely not skinny overnight but it helped.Bought more today, plan on getting really serious in my diet and exercise. Was a size 20 now I’m a 14 want to be a 8… We will see!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!


  • 14

    I take pristiq, klonopine, and trazadone for my anxiety and depression from my ptsd and the pristiq alone make me lose weight, because after eating, u immediately have to use the restroom. I suffer from joint pains as well due to my lupus, so vit D as well as the hydroxycut max should really help u feel better.


  • 15
    Sammi Sweet

    I am not of fan of Hydroxycut – I used to use, but i found that Lady Soma products work so much better for my body. I used their Detox program (the big bottle) and I lost 70 lbs. It works, you will crap yourself at least once. You need exercise and diet. Lady Soma helps you lose the weigh fast, but make sure you work out


  • 16

    Just started Hydroxycut Max.Im 21, 5’5 & started weighing 284. Currently at 264 today is my 3rd day taking it. It certainly does give an energy boost with the caffine. But it helps out when im at the gym. i started a diet 1month ago cutting all carbs & sugars and have lost 20 pounds as of today.Now that i have started hydroxycut i hope to see results faster. I workout 6 days a week 2times a day. I will post again as i see results. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


  • 17

    I have been on HM for about 2 days now, and i’ve noticed that it makes me extremely hungry. I keep eating normal as i usual and i still get hungry about an hour later. Im hoping to lose 30- 40 pounds. im 5’2″ and 200 pounds


  • 18

    i started HM 2and half weeks ago.. ihavnt followed the instructions as per bottle … took me until this week 2pills 3xdaily… 1st 2 weeks 1-2 pills a day… i found the caffine too much for me at first… when i started 2pills 3xa day i honestly felt high the first couple days.. but then my body has gotten used to the “extra energy” … i have lost about 3pounds eating healthier and working out minimum 3x/week… as a female i love that this product is targeted specifically towards women… its a extra boost for sure.. i’ll post again when i’m done my bottle… so far so good!


  • 19

    I’ve been taking hm for a week now n work out six days a week n eat right drink alot of water n have lost 13 lbs I haven’t had any side affects and I feel good about it…am about to start the insanity workout today so am hoping to get to my goal weight by end of Jan, am 5″2 and 180 n at least want to be 140 I like this product n would recommend it


  • 20

    The nausea or feeling of throwing up happened to me only once. Since it greatly decrease my appetite, I waited too late in the morning to take the pill. Since then I take it first thing in the morning because my last meal is usually around 7pm and I only desire to drink water all through the night. Just have to pay attention to your body.


  • 21

    DUmbasses come on, pills AID you in your fitness goals, not magically make all those calories you eat dissapear.Get real; PS blaming pills for still having a fat ass, doesnt make you any less fat.



    No one really cares what you have to say. These are all people sharing their stories and if you dont like it get off the page. & yes it works Ive been loosing weight. So how about you just keep your comments to yourself. kkthanks. (:



    lol I know im like a year late but deedee must be fat too if your looking at this page. Im 22 5’2 and i weigh 126.5 i am taking the pill to help me loose excess fat around my stomach after i had my first child…


  • 22

    I just started HM today, and so far all I am noticing is a bit of an elevated heart rate due to the caffeine and I am sweating a bit more than normal during periods of inactivity.
    I am 27, 5’2 and weigh 160 Ibs. I am aiming for my proper BMI weight of 125. I will keep updating, so wish me luck!!



    Hey I’m the same height and weight but I’m 18 .. Has the pill worked for u I bought yesterday



    I believe the “sweating” episodes are fine because even when I would workout before taking the pills I would have problems sweating. I was told that’s one way your body releases weight so it’s a good thing because I do the same. It also in turn forces me to drink more water to “cool down” in a sense. So I would say just pay attention to your body.


  • 23

    I have been using hydroxycut max since middle of january. I do work out everyday for 20mins doing the last chance work out and watch what I eat I have lost 22bls so far. I have way more energy and have no side effects from the pills. cant wait to see what happens this month.



    How many do you take a day


  • 24

    I took hydroxycut max this morning and didn’t eat anything 30 mins after like I usually do. Now my stomach hurts soo bad and I can’t stop throwing up. Does this happen with this pill?


  • 25

    Ok I have got the product yesterday and I have lost 2 pounds already one in one day i have my self on a healthy diet and working out atleast a hour a day so far!


  • 26

    I took this product over the summer in hopes of losing a few pounds to feel confident in my bikini. I didn’t feel any energy, no less of an apetite, nothing. All it did was make my stomach hurt. I would had been better off saving my money & doing it the old fashion way, exercise & eating right all on my own.


  • 27

    I started HM for woman 5 days ago and lost already 6lbs i have increased my water intake and the extra energy helps me all day long. I stopped Soda and energy drinks as well. Sometimes i get a little jittery but not bad i just do something to burn the extra energy and feel fine. I like it i have tried alot of different stuff to help me boost my metabolism and nothing has worked. I am stinking with it!!



    sticking ..lol not stinking…



    Did you exercise while taking it? and if so how long and how many times a week?


  • 28

    I took Hydroxycut Max for 3 months while eating healthy and lost 26 pounds. It (in my opinion) is an excellent choice. I started my “healthy lifestyle” about 6 months before this and only lost 10 lbs. Once I added the hydroxycut the weight literally started falling off….I did continue taking it while off my diet and I did start to gain weight back, slowly…I stopped taking the hydroxycut and started gaining much more quickly!!! I no longer take it since I am at my goal :) YAY!! but I continue the healthy diet choices. Hope it helps. My best friend took it though (same diet as me) no added results. It’s not for everyone.


  • 29

    I’ve been on Hydroxycut max for 3 days now, and I have lost 2.8 pounds. (Almost a pound a day!) I am loving my results! Although, I haven’t felt ANY side effects. Which can be good, and bad. I am happy I don’t feel jittery, nauseous, headaches, etc. But I do wish I felt more energized. But over all, I am VERY pleased so far. I hope my weight continues to drop at this rate!


  • 30

    My problem is I have to take methadone for chronic pain,remeron,celexa and trazadone for anixty,depression and pdsd.I have gained 80lbs from the meds I’m on.Does anyone know of a diet pill I can take.


  • 31

    I just bought this product, and after reading many positive reviews, I’m excited to try it out. Regarding a disadvantage, at GNC, you can get a full refund within 30 days of receipt…so I won’t feel it work, I will get my money back…but I hope it will work!



    just was wondering how hydroxycut ended up working out for you, i just bought it n wondering if it works


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