Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse Review

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Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse claims to help the user feel more relaxed and revitalized. Hydroxycut is a name in weight loss, so dieters may be confused and buy this product to lose more weight. The official website for Hydroxycut lists Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse, but online ordering is not available. We could find no free trial offer. Consumers trying a cleansing product tend to like free trials to test out the supplement first. If the ingredients are too strong, the consumer would be losing money on the product.

List of Ingredients


Premium Cleanse Blend – Premium Blend: Senna Extract, Prune Powder, Beet Powder, Carob Powder, Caraway Powder.

Product Features

Due to the trouble with products in the past, Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse is clearly listed as “not a weight loss product” on the official website. We do not see the same information on the packaging for the supplement so if the dieter sees the Hydroxycut name on a box, they will likely assume it is a weight loss or control supplement.

The ingredient list starts with a typical ingredient for cleansing supplements, senna. We are a bit surprised by the use of senna in this product. In the past, senna was pulled from the store shelves for one complication or another. Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse could have included another natural laxative that has a clean record, but they chose senna instead. Laxatives should only be used for a few days to fight constipation. This supplement lasts two weeks. Overuse of laxatives can lead to dependence.

To back up the senna is prune powder. Prunes have a natural laxative effect on the body as well. Beet powder is a good source of vitamins, particularly potassium. Using a laxative for a longer period can lead to dehydration and a drop in potassium levels. Carob powder is a chocolate replacement. It may supply calcium for the supplement.

Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse is not sold on the Hydroxycut website. The ingredient list is lacking, at best. Most cleanses will offer more than one natural laxative and even a few diuretics to complete the cleanse. We do not necessarily agree with these ingredients for weight loss, but they may help combat constipation. Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse stops with an iffy laxative ingredient and some natural sources of vitamins.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Senna will help cleanse the bowel.


  • No ingredients for weight loss.
  • Product packaging does not list the “not a weight loss product” information.


We like the fact that the Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse websites announces this product as being for detoxing and not weight loss, but they did not seem to do the same on the label. Senna is a laxative tainted by past problems that caused some senna products to be recalled.

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