Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia Review

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What You Should Know

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If your last diet pill failed, there is certainly another product to consider. In fact, there are actually dozens more to consider. Many of which are sold in common drugstores. This brings us to Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia. If you are not familiar with Hydroxycut, it is basically a broad line of weight loss supplements marketed at women and men, 18 and up. These diet products are available over-the-counter.


  • Hoodia Gordonii Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Camellia Sinesis
  • Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
  • Inulin
  • Oat Fiber Powder (Avena Sativa)
  • Glucomannan
  • Xanthan Gum
  • White Tea Extract
  • Oolong Tea Extract

Product Features

Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia is claimed to help you lose the pounds. It is formulated with several key ingredients that help by suppressing appetite, boosting energy levels, increasing metabolic rates, and assisting with digestion. However, after performing an online search for Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia, it appears that this weight loss product has been discontinued. As you may be aware, several Hydroxycut supplements were pulled from the market in 2009, due to serious side effects.

There is no special diet recommended with Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia, and no exercise routine is mentioned. As for the ingredients used in this weight loss formula, they include Hoodia Gordonii Extract (this comes from a cactus plant in South Africa, and it may help suppress your appetite), Green Tea Extract (contains caffeine to boost metabolic rates), Oat Fiber Powder (may help with regularity and lowering bad cholesterol levels), Glucomannan (supports weight management), and White and Oolong Teas (may assist with fat loss). There is no clinical research or trial results provided to support Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia. There are some customer complaints posted online for this product.

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  • Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia may help with regularity.
  • Antioxidants are found in this weight loss supplement.


  • This diet product has been pulled from the market.
  • Several customers complained that Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia does nothing.
  • One user complained that he gained weight using this product.
  • This diet formula might lead to side effects.
  • There are more promising weight loss products available.


As far as Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia is concerned, you might as well rule it out. After all, it does not look like any more stores sell this supplement, unless you can find it on eBay. Regardless, you should be leery of Hydroxycut, since so many products were pulled from the shelves back in 2009. In fact, you should take the time to consult your doctor before taking a diet product like this. It will allow you to ask questions about specific ingredients, and whether or not they are safe, as well as effective for weight loss. On a final note, there are several complaints pertaining to this diet product.

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