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Getting rid of those unwanted pounds is no picnic. For some people, this can take years. For others, it just never seems to happen. Well, the key to effective, long-term weight loss is consistency and diligence. If you are not committed, then you will unlikely get the results you are after. Do not overlook weight loss supplements. While a healthy diet plan and regular physical fitness are important, there are some weight loss products available to assist you as well. In this review, we are going to help you learn more about one option, which is Hydroxycut Sprinkles. As you have probably seen on TV and in stores, Hydroxycut is a major brand when it comes to weight loss.


  • Wild Mint Extract
  • Komijin Extract
  • Wild Olive Leaf Extract
  • Lady’s Mantle Extract

Product Features

Hydroxycut Sprinkles are basically sprinkled onto your food. This way you consume this weight loss formula while you eat. This in turn may help reduce your hunger. It is obvious that this product is trying to compete with Sensa, which is another type of weight loss sprinkle formula. However, Sensa contains different ingredients. According to Hydroxycut, their product does not alter the taste of food at all. As for the cost of Hydroxycut Sprinkles, they sell for $24.99. This amount is supposed to last for about one month.

The four key ingredients mentioned for Hydroxycut Sprinkles are Wild Mint Extract (contains antioxidants and may help relieve mild pains and stomachaches), Komijin Extract (aims to boost the metabolism and suppress hunger), Wild Olive Extract (reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and may help with constipation), and Lady’s Mantle Extract (promotes healing and may reduce menstrual cramps).

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  • This weight loss formula is supposed to be taste-free.
  • Hydroxycut Sprinkles can be added to any foods or meals you eat.


  • Some dieters may prefer a more convenient pill or capsule formula.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee provided with this diet product.
  • There are many complaints about Hydroxycut diet products, found online.
  • This product seems to be very similar to Sensa, which is another sprinkle.


When it comes down to it, how often do you really want to sprinkle something on your food? Imagine your day, and when you eat lunch at work, or when you come home for a good dinner. Hydroxycut Sprinkles is certainly an interesting weight loss concept, but it is not as convenient as a pill formula. You must also take into account the numerous customer complaints about Hydroxycut, which can be found all over the web. On a final note, this weight loss supplement is not sold with a money-back guarantee at all.

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20 User Reviews about Hydroxycut Sprinkles

  • 1
    Lynda R. Pate

    I have used the Sprinkles and the Gummies for 2 years and have lost 40 pounds.


  • 2
    Lynda R. Pate

    I want to order the Sprinkles but I can’t figure out how to order. HELP!


    Your Name

    I can sell them to you. You will have to pay for shipping.


  • 3

    I have been using it for 2 days, and it does change the color of your food and for me makes the food tasteless, yesterday I forgot to sprinkle at first on my dinner and I noticed it made tasteless my food. Which it could work to make me not finish my meal and therefore could make me loose appetite and weight. Who knows, I will finish this month and post my conclusions.


  • 4

    This may actually work because: 1. It makes the food taste so horrible you will not eat very much. 2. After using it you feel sick and have no appetite. 3. May have a laxative effect. So in the end you may actually lose weight. It does taste awful



    I guess I find the positive in what I try. Yes it may have a small taste to it. But… Every diet does. Pills taste bitter, diet food has a blah taste to it, gummies are bitter,etc. So I guess what it all boils down to is everyone is looking for something that taste like a Hershey bar. Diets are hard to do… We all know that. I’ve lost 100 pounds and it wasn’t with sprinkles but I’m helping my daughter. So I try every thing she tries. Nothings gonna b perfect. I found with sprinkles put in your Italian dressing.. Put on or in things that don’t stand out. The truth is if a person really wants to lose they have to suffer a little. Good luck to all who struggle. Its not easy.


  • 5

    Just got & was wondering does it make you shakey? How late should you take? Does it keep you up @ night or alter in any way?


  • 6

    I’ve been on the Hydroxycut Sprinkles for about 2 weeks. I exercise and eat well. It definitely can alter the taste in some foods and has an ugly brown color, so it really depends on what you sprinkle it on like light colored foods, etc..Haven’t really noticed anything different, but I guess its only been two weeks. I’m going to give it a benefit of a doubt cause I would hate to think I wasted my money.


  • 7
    Jessie Rivera

    My mom bought the product for herself and complaint about the bitter taste, she passed it to my and I tried it this morning for the 1St time I sprinkle a packet on my eggs nit only did my eggs turned brown but it taste bitter and could’nt get rid off the taste. I will continue using for a month just to give it the benefit of doubt!!


  • 8
    Mary Ellen Watto Hawk

    I take issue with the fact that the sprinkles most definitely alter the taste of the food. And the color brown as it lays on your food is awful! I have been trying to continue to use them because I hate to waste money, but I will never buy these again!


  • 9

    I brought this a little over a week now , and I personally think its working for me I lost 3 pounds with it along with juicing and diet & excise & no it does not alter the taste of your food ,you have to mix it well hydeoxycut has been around for a long time and I stand behind its name . Thanks hydeoxycut for coming out with sprinkles & the water packs that also works well ..


  • 10

    I used it for a week now the product taste like dirt. Yes it does alter the taste of your food and not for the better.


  • 11

    I totally agree with you.


  • 12

    I just purchased this product and have tried it on a few meals now and it does not alter the taste!


  • 13
    Thumbs Down

    Unfortunately, the only reduction this product supports is that of the dollars in your wallet. Hydroxycut Sprinkles do alter the flavor of your food and have absolutely no efficacy.


  • 14

    I just purchased Hydroxycut Sprinkles last evening (1-31-13) and tried the first packet this morning. 100% lie that it “will not alter the taste of your food”. It is the most awful, bitter taste I have ever experienced… and even spicy things taste bland to me! 30 minutes later after consuming it on my breakfast, brushing my teeth & tongue & 1 cup of coffee later to get ride of the taste, the bitterness is STILL lingering and I kind of want to puke. Return policy @ Walgreens? Biggest buyers remorse right here…



    Someone just likes to bitch.



    Ive you tried it yet what is not to bitch about



    Yes it does alter the taste, actually it has a dirt like taste to it. Sensa is better I rather go back to that product. I want to get in touch with Hydroxycut and ask for my money back.



    I agree. The taste is VERY bitter and it changes the color of your food. It did change the eating/snacking in between meals. I wasnt hungry. After 2 weeks of the sprinkles and killing myself at the gym..I lost nothing.