HydroxyRip Extreme Review

Editor's Review: 2.8 / 5.0

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HydroxyRip Extreme is manufactured by NCI, a health supplement company that makes many other weight loss and diet aids. HydroxyRip Extreme is formulated for bodybuilders but is marketed to anyone wanting to lose weight quickly.

The basis of HydroxyRip Extreme is stimulating a thermogenic reaction. Thermogenesis revs up the body’s metabolism and begins to break down adipose (fat) tissue. The most common thermogenic substance used in diet aids is caffeine and HydroxyRip Extreme has lots of it.

We were unable to find an official website for HydroxyRip Extreme, but it appears to be relatively easy to find through online retailers. The cost at many retailers appears to be around $20 down from the original $75, which leads us to believe that this product may soon be discontinued. Because there is no official web presence for HydroxyRip Extreme, there does not appear to be a money-back guarantee or any product samples or trial sizes being offered. We like to see both of those features as they give the consumer confidence both before and after the purchase.


The ingredients in HydroxyRip Extreme are: caffeine, green tea extract, white willow extract, deanol acetamidobenzoate hydrogentartrate, inositol hexaphosphate, xanthinol nicotinate, codonopsis pilosula extract, evodia rutaecarpine extract, inula racemosa extract, yohimbe bark extract, aspidosperma quebrachoblanco extract, troxerutin sophora japonica extract, cinidium monnieri extract, and black pepper extract. Non-medicinal ingredients include: sesame seed oil, kosher gelatin, FD&C Red #3, mixed tocopherols and silicon dioxide.

Product Features

The most prominent ingredient in HydroxyRip Extreme is caffeine and at 300 mg per dose, it will have a substantial effect on the majority of users, perhaps causing jitters and tremors, and loss of sleep. Green tea adds to the caffeine levels. Many of the rest of the ingredients are common to middle-of-the-pack weight loss pills and we see nothing here worth spending money on. Although the cost of HydroxyRip Extreme is low, we feel that the results may be as well.

Those who are sensitive to caffeine or allergic to red food coloring may wish to seek a different product or speak with your doctor before trying this one.

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  • Contains known thermogenic ingredients


  • High levels of caffeine could make users jittery
  • No links to clinical studies on the product or its ingredients
  • No money-back guarantee offered
  • No customer testimonials


HydroxyRip Extreme appears to be extreme only in the amount of caffeine it contains. While it will most likely produce a thermogenic response in most users, it may not contain effective ingredients to support long-lasting weight management. The highest-rated weight loss aids contain clinically-proven ingredients and are produced by companies that stand behind their products with a money-back guarantee.

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