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Hydroxystim is a stimulant fat-burner from MuscleTech. The supplement is extremely strong. It is not designed for the average dieter, but it is designed for people who want to lose tons of fat and gain tons of energy. In the world of extreme athletics and bodybuilding, athletes often get used to low levels of caffeine. It takes more caffeine to boost energy and metabolism. While taking more and more caffeine is not the best solution, it is clearly a solution that some are willing to use. Hydroxystim contains three stimulants. The average dieter will likely feel jitters, shakes, nausea and sleeplessness if this supplement is taken within 6 hours of bedtime. There is no appetite suppressant in the formula so increased hunger could be a problem.

List of Ingredients

Geranium Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Deanol Bitartrate (DMAE), Yohimbe Extract and Huperzine Extract.

Product Features

Geranium extract is a stimulant often listed as 1,3 dimethylamylamine. This ingredient is known to cause heart palpitations in some cases. This is not a safe stimulant for most dieters and should not be used by dieters with current heart problems or a history of heart problems.

Caffeine anhydrous is just powdered caffeine. There is 100 mg of caffeine in this supplement. This is an average amount, but when it is combined with the two other stimulants, it could cause negative side effects.

Yohimbe is the third stimulant. This ingredient is also commonly found in male libido supplements. DMAE may improve focus and mood, but that only means dieters with a history of mood disorder, depression, anxiety or panic attacks should not take this supplement. Caffeine and other stimulants may increase the risk of side effects. Long-term studies offer very little information on the effect of DMAE on humans.

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  • MuscleTech lists all ingredients on the official website.
  • The product is available for sale online.
  • Designed to promote fat burn.


  • Contains ingredients that may cause negative side effects.
  • Not designed for the average dieter.
  • Contains three stimulants.
  • Contains an ingredient that alters mood.


We are not sure the average dieter should take HydroxyStim. This supplement contains three stimulants, one of which may cause heart palpitations. There is very little information on the official MuscleTech website. We found no testimonials, no before and after photos and no warning for people taking mood-altering medications.

Dieters need to choose a product that is proven and safe. While caffeine is on that list for most dieters, geranium extract and DMAE are not. Packing three stimulants together does not make the supplement more effective, it just increases the risk of potential side effects. On top of everything else, there is no appetite suppressant included in the formula.

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    Sikander kuhar

    What we have to eat when we are eating hydroxystim fat burner? I need proper diet.