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What You Should Know

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HydroxyTone is a fat burning pill created by All Natural Pharmaceuticals, though the product is not featured directly on their site. Don’t mistake it for Hydroxatone which is a similar sounding line of personal care products. HydroxyTone allegedly helps suppress appetite , increase energy, decrease water retention, and speed up weight loss.

The bottle of 20 capsules retails for $26, though in some instances, it can be bought at discounted price of $11.99 to $13. It’s recommended that 4 capsules be taken per day.

List of Ingredients

According to a third party site, these pills contain Chromium Picolinate and Vitamin B6. They also contain Cayenne Powder, Dandelion Leaf, Uva Ursi, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Citrus Aurantium, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Guarana.p>

Product Features

The diet pills contain popular weight loss ingredients found in a number of supplements, like green tea extract, which has antioxidant EGCG, and dandelion powder, which is used to support the liver in eliminating toxins. The supplement pills contain Citrus Aurantium, also known as Bitter Orange, an ingredient which has been clinically proven to aid weight loss. Guarana is a source of caffeine, known to stimulate metabolic growth. Chromium Picolinate is essential to the metabolism of glucose, and stabilizes blood sugar levels, important in any diet program.

Caution: The pills should not be taken with other stimulants or products with caffeine in them.

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  • As weight loss supplements go, the product is chock full of ingredients known to aid weight loss and fat burning.


  • There is no official site for this, and it’s hard to find any links to this product.
  • The product can perhaps be bought at retail stores and health sites, but there is no indication as to where it’s available or shop finders to help you locate a retail store. A Google search reveals some information, but it’s all third party hearsay.
  • A lot of clients have mentioned that their credit cards were charged excessively, when they applied for a free trial of HydroxyTone supplements.
  • There is no patented fat burner for it.
  • The product can work out to be quite expensive even at a discounted price.


There are many products which may be scams and this one might or might not be one of them. There are no official sites or links to this product. While the actual product seems to contain ingredients that are suitable for weight loss, there is no clear indication as to how this works, or further instructions on how it can be bought and should be consumed. In addition, the only testimonials available for this product are negative ones linked to credit card scams. It is wise to check out a few other weight reduction plans before choosing one like this. It’s also important to remember never to consume a product like this if you have high blood pressure, liver of kidney diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, or are pregnant or nursing.

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