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Hydroxytrol is a weight loss and energy supplement created by Foundation Nutraceuticals. The product is distributed by World Class Nutrition. Foundation, World Class and Hydroxytrol all have official websites for visitors to learn more about their products. The Hydroxytrol website is a static page, at best. There is no ingredient list, there are no contact numbers or addresses listed and there are no links to pages where this information can be found. The Foundation Nutraceuticals website, however, does offer all of the information missed on the Hydroxytrol website.


Hydroxagen 2000mg Guarana Extract 950 mg Mahuang Extract (standardized for 10 mg of Ephedra alkaloids) 167 mg L-Carnitine 125 mg Chromium Picolinate 325 mg.

Product Features

The first red flag about this product comes with a quick look at the ingredient list. Ephedra is present in this weight loss supplement and Ephedra has been banned by the FDA for use in the United States. The website for Hydroxytrol offers a link to World Class Nutrition where you can buy the Hydroxytrol supplement despite the Ephedra ingredient. The product sells for $59.99 per bottle or two bottles for $114.99. Each bottle contains 240 capsules. When we searched the World Nutrition site for the Hydroxytrol, however, the prices were different than those supplied by clicking in from the Hydroxytrol website. The prices on World Class Nutrition are $49.99 per bottle and $94.99 for two bottles with free shipping and handling.

There is no free trial offered on the Hydroxytrol product from any of the available sites. Through the World Class Nutrition website there is a money back guarantee for 15 days after the purchase on all unopened bottles. None of the websites offering information on Hydroxytrol or the product itself offer any type of statement about Ephedra being a banned for use. There are no health statements about the possible side effects from Ephedra either.

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  • There is contact information available.
  • There is a return policy for at least one distributor.
  • Hydroxytrol is offered with free shipping and handling.


  • The official Hydroxytrol website is nothing more than a page linking to the World Class Nutrition site.
  • There is no health notice listed about using Ephedra.
  • Ephedra is banned for use in the United States.


Using a weight loss supplement that is banned in the United States is a risk we are not willing to support. There is a reason the FDA stopped supporting Ephedra and that reason is the health of those who used the product. World Class Nutrition, Foundation Nutraceuticals and Hydroxytrol are all in the Ephedra business and thus we will not support any of them. You can lose with a proven fat burner and an appetite suppressant that is legal and not harmful to your health.

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    My bottle soes net list 2000mg of hydroxagen but lists everything else. How do I know it has real ephedra in it?