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Hyper T2 is a non-stimulant weight loss supplement that claims to increase metabolism at rest, improve cholesterol levels and support the release of growth hormone. These are some pretty spectacular claims, but there are some issues with the supplement that could be more important than extraordinary claims. The supplement is banned in Australia and Sweden for containing yohimbine, as noted in the product description. Yohimbine is a source of caffeine, but the ingredient list does not show yohimbine and the product description says there are no stimulants in the formula. There could also be an issue with one of the ingredients as it is derived from a poisonous tree.

List of Ingredients


  • 3, 5 Diido-L-Thyronine
  • Capsicum Annuum Extract
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones

Product Features

Rauwolfia vomitoria extract is also known as poison devil’s pepper. According to information we found, the tree is toxic containing benzoquinone. Benzoquinone is toxic to cells and liver and may cause genetic mutations.

Capsicum annuum is a safe and potentially effective ingredient. The hot pepper extract may spark metabolism by increasing body heat – the true definition of thermogenesis. Hot pepper extract does not have stimulant effects.

The real question about Hyper T2 is whether or not the formula contains a stimulant. We found a few reviews of the supplement and all reviews mentioned feeling jittery, anxious and hyper after taking the supplement. Those are side effects of a stimulant, not any of the ingredients listed. We also noticed the supplement instructions suggest taking the supplement twice a day, but no more than three times a day. If the dieter is supposed to take the supplement twice a day, why would they take the supplement three times a day?

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  • We were able to locate a list of ingredients.
  • Hot pepper extract may help increase thermogenesis.


  • May contain an undeclared stimulant.
  • Contains a potentially toxic ingredient.
  • Raspberry ketones are not clinically proven to increase metabolism based on human studies.
  • Some dieters report feeling burning in the stomach after taking hot pepper extract.


Hyper T2 leaves us with more concerns and questions than many of the supplements we have reviewed. If there are no stimulants in the formula why are dieters reporting jitters and anxiety? Why is the supplement banned for yohimbine if it does not contain the ingredient? Why would a company add an extract from a toxic tree to a weight loss product? With this many questions we suggest dieters skip Hyper T2.

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