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Hyperburn is a weight loss supplement provided by AFS Labs. The official website offers information on the supplement and testimonials for people who have used the product to effectively lose weight. AFS Labs can be contacted by email, phone and traditional mail with any questions about the product a consumer may have.


Hydroxynol TM, Guarana Extract, Salicin Complex, L-Carnitine, Chromium Picolinate, Cayenne Extract, Uva Ursi, Dandelion, Garcinia Cambogia, Purple Willow Bark, Whey, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid.

Product Features

The Hyperburn product is taken as 4 capsules up to three times a day before meals. One single bottle of Hyperburn contains 84 capsules and retails for $22.00. At 12 capsules every day, one bottle will only last for 7 days. The total cost of using the Hyperburn product every month could reach between $88.00 and $110.00 per month.

There is a warning that women and people who have never used a supplement like Hyperburn should take only half the recommended dosage. The Hyperburn product needs to be taken in conjunction with a low fat diet and exercise. The testimonials on the website focus highly on a reduction in total body fat as opposed to weight loss. The users were no overweight before using the Hyperburn product; they simply tried the product in order to reduce body fat percentages. There is no official return policy. The AFS Labs website offers a phone number and an email address for users who wish to contact them in regards to a return. This leaves the consumer wondering whether they will be able to return the product if it is not beneficial to them.

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  • There is contact information on the Hyperburn website.
  • Health warning information is provided for users of Hyperburn.


  • No return information is listed on the website.
  • The product is very expensive.
  • The testimonials show users who were not overweight when they started using the product.


Hyperburn is an extremely expensive product that does not contain an appetite suppressant that has been proven to keep those hunger pains at bay. There are no scientific studies listed on the website to show users the product is a proven supplement. The lack of return information is another negative. This product simply does nothing more than any other supplement on the weight loss market. With so many weight loss products to choose from, Hyperburn needs to offer proof of efficacy. Losing weight with a supplement is a common choice and there are supplements available that work hard to keep their users happy and informed. Finding a supplement with a proven fat burner and a proved appetite suppressant is important to the success of your weight loss adventure.

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    Kylie Bergset

    hi, I have been using hyper burn for a while now, how many times a week should you take it and is it good for you? Please advise me.