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Hyperexol is a blood pressure medication made with all natural ingredients. The official website states that the ingredients are specially formulated to help regulate the user’s blood pressure naturally. The website also claims that this supplement can improve cardiac and overall health and blood circulation in those that take it.

Hyperexol is considered a supplement, and is not prescribed by a physician. It can be purchased over the counter and the website states that it conforms to FDA guidelines. They suggest that users take two capsules per day for a period of thirty to ninety days.

Hyperexol is manufactured by MicroNutra Health who create hundreds of various products that span from supplements to beauty aids. All products sold on the official MicroNutra Health website feature a 90 day money back guarantee which is nice.


Magnesium, OxideCalcium, Carbonate and Citrate, Potassium, Allum Sativa, The Hawthorn Berry, Taurine, Vitamin C, Cayenne Pepper, alfalfa cellulose, and magnesium stearate.

Product Features

The website states that Hyperexol works by capitalizing on the antioxidant properties of the natural ingredients within. They mention that you can increase the dosage depending on your weight since it is not a prescription medication.

There are many testimonials on websites that sell the supplement. These testimonials claim improved health, reduced blood pressure, increased energy levels and reduced heart palpitations.

Hyperexol is manufactured following the FDA Good Manufacturing Process. The Hyperexol website, along with the websites that sell Hyperexol, all have a guarantee that it will succeed in lowing a user’s blood pressure within a few months. None of the websites state whether or not a refund is offered if it does not succeed.

Hyperexol doesn’t really seem like a weight loss product and the official website doesn’t state anywhere that this product is intended for anything weight loss related.

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  • Hyperexol contains all natural ingredients.
  • Hyperexol claims to have no side effects whatsoever.


  • The official Hyperexol website doesn’t mention much about this products ability to help you lose weight.
  • The official website has an irritating series of pop up windows that appear when you try to leave the site.
  • Third party reviews suggest that cheaper, similar products exist and may produce better results.


Hyperexol isn’t really a weight loss product but instead was designed to help people with lower their blood pressure with all natural ingredients. Hyperexol is fairly expensive and costs around $60 per bottle also. If you are looking for a weight loss supplement, Hyperexol probably isn’t what you are looking for but it may help slightly decrease your blood pressure. We highly recommend finding a weight loss product that contains a thermogenic ingredient such as Citrimax or a powerful and well known appetite suppressant.

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