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Hyponidd is an anti-diabetic natural supplement marketed by Chakar. Hyponidd is based on Indian medicine called Panchkarma. There is an official website for the product claiming to support ailments such as high lipid levels, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, impotence in males, neuropathy, retinopathy and libido problems. Nowhere on the Charak website is there any information on reducing weight or fat loss.

There is contact information provided on the Charak website via email, physical mail or phone. The website is not based in the United States, so the calls will be International. Charak sells a variety of supplements, books, massage oils, herbs, and equipment.


Momordica Charantia, Melia Azadirachta, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Tinospora Cordifolia, Gymnema Sylvestre, Enicostemma Littorale, Emblica Officinalis, Eugenia Jambolana, Cassia Auriculata, and Curcuma Longa.

Product Features

Hyponidd is offered in blister packs of 120 tablets. The tablets are taken as two tablets, two times a day just 30 minutes before a meal. The product is sold for about $18.00 per month’s supply.

According to the website, there are several benefits related to taking the Hyponidd supplement. These benefits include lowering lipid levels, protecting the body against cardiovascular disease, increased sense of well being and improvement in the quality of life. While these claims are fantastic, there is no scientific evidence offered to support the claims. This, in addition to the fact that there are no claims even resembling weight loss claims, leads us to believe this product is more for the diabetic than the dieter trying to lose weight.

One section of the website that does offer a bit of weight loss knowledge is the Dos and Don’ts section. The creator of Hyponidd suggests the user exercise regularly, consume lots of vegetables and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Users are also supposed to avoid smoking, high fat foods, alcohol and stress.

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  • There is contact information on the website.
  • There is healthy information offered to the user.


  • The product is not aimed at weight loss.
  • There is no proof the product works.
  • None of the ingredients are common weight loss supplement ingredients.


The Hyponidd website offers a lot of interesting information and helpful advice for the diabetic that can be used as a part of a weight loss plan. However, the Hyponidd supplement is not aimed at weight loss. The product claims to help users reduce their need for prescription diabetic medications. While the contact information is extensive, there is little reason to contact the manufacturer about this product. Following the helpful guidelines and taking a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant are the optimal choices for someone wishing to lose weight.

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14 User Reviews about Hyponidd

  • 1

    Can hyponidd increase my fertility rate


  • 2

    Hi am 23yrs old… i have pcos last ten yrs if i take pill only i ll get my periods… last two yrs am suffering from hypothyroid also my hypothyroid level is 9.5… am taking thyroxine-50mg…i want to regulate my periods naturally..hyponidd pills helps me to regulate my periods pls help me..


  • 3
    Anita Amoako

    Can Hyponidd help someone with irregular menstrual cycle get pregnant?


  • 4

    I have taken hyponidd tablets for PCOS problem. but i am not a diabetic patient. Now i feel very tired and weak in my body. Shall i continue these drugs. Is there any solution for these symptoms like food diet or any supplementary. Please answer these question as soon as possible


  • 5
    shahid ali khan

    Where I can get Hyponidd in Dubai / Sharjah / Muscat. I am patient of diabetese type 2. Is it okay to go ahead with this medicine.



    u can buy online……….hyponidd is good for diabetes patient provide u excercise daily.but still u have to take care your mouth.


  • 6
    Raghu T N S

    I have been taking Hyponidd for the past three days and I noticed that my appetite has drastically come down. I presume that this medicine also helps in weight loss by reducing the appetite.


  • 7

    i have pcos,tubal block and irregular cycle would u recommend hyponidd and m2 tone for me



    Yes you can take m2-tone with Hyponidd
    I also have pcos.I just started taking m2-tone 3 days ago,i’m hoping it works for me..I get acne on my chin,alot:(


  • 8
    sree nambiar

    my daughter was taking sultipac for schezophrenia but due to the side effect of this her menstrual periods stopped.sultipac was also discontinued. but sultipac showed her a lot of improvement in her. Now could she take sultipac along with hyponidd as hyponidd will help her in the normal menstrual periods?


  • 9
    cris carley

    I am insulin resistant, I took gymnema for a couple of months, which made my hair greasy. I was told this is because the herb increased insulin levels which made my body produce more testosterone. I saw the herb contains gymnema, does hyponidd promote higher levels of insulin which promote higher levels of testostorone, or does the other herbs in the combo, help counteract this action?


  • 10

    what is the side effects of hyponidd??


    sree nambiar

    is there any side effect of hyponidd?



    The side effects i would say are mostly positive.like increased libido,improved skin appearance but when i skipped a meal after taking the supplement, i suffered headaches,dizziness,stomach upsets.i highly rate the product.