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Dr. Don Colbert is the author of the “I Can Do This” Diet book. The book is available in hardback, paperback and audio CD. The diet plan described in the “I Can Do This” Diet is based on the results from an online survey. The survey aims to pinpoint the reasons why dieters start out strong only to fall out of a diet shortly after seeing weight loss begin.

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Weight loss plan personalized for each dieter.

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According to Dr. Colbert, most dieters are tired of claiming they cannot lose weight. The “I Can Do This” Diet aims to reverse those negative thoughts by giving the dieter the ability to create a custom weight loss program they can live with and successfully lose weight.

Included in the literature are the top 5 reasons why diets often fail, fundamentals of successful weight loss and methods of overcoming plateaus and mental distractions that may cause diet failure. Consumers tend to enjoy the simple weight loss steps described in the book and rave about the fact that weight loss is not radical; rather loss is based on a more gradual system of changes.

As is the case with any weight loss book, the dieter reading the “I Can Do This” Diet will need to interpret information presented by Dr. Colbert and dedicate themselves to following the personalized program in order to succeed. Diet books rarely contain information on curbing hunger through supplementation and hunger is the number one reason dieters claim to regain weight.

The “I Can Do This” Diet offers detailed instructions on the proper foods to eat, when to eat them and portion sizes. Organic foods are suggested and religious scripture are included to help bring faith back to weight loss. For some dieters, organic foods may be too expensive. Others may find the use of Christian scriptures a bit off target for a weight loss book. “I Can Do This” Diet is priced about $16 on most websites.

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  • Portion control and whole foods may help increase weight loss.
  • Most dieters love the information provided in the book.


  • The price of the book may be a bit high for some dieters.
  • The “I Can Do This” Diet is based on organic foods, which tend to be expensive.
  • Reading a book will not assure weight loss.
  • There is no mention of supplementation to curb hunger or increase fat burn.


Dr. Colbert attempts to bring religion and organic foods together with the “I Can Do This” Diet. Some dieters may grasp the program easily and use the information to lose more weight, but reading is not often the basis for successful weight loss. Eating less, moving more and taking a proven weight loss supplement may be the best way to lose weight.

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    gwen bain

    Your statement “There is no mention of supplementation to curb hunger or increase fat burn.” Is inaccurate. Both are in the book. I’m doing this diet and have lost 6 lbs in the past 3 weeks. I’m taking 5HTTP and PGX Fiber capsules to curb hunger and taking Fucoxanthin, pomegranate seed oil and Yerbamate tea to increase fat burn