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I Can Make You Thin is a fairly popular diet book created by Paul McKenna, who is Britain’s best selling non-fiction writer. Paul McKenna has worked with top business CEO’s from around the world, as well as Olympians, musicians, and even the royal family. The popularity of the I Can Make You Thin book has led to brand diversification, and now there are many videos to accompany the original text, as well as a popular show on The Learning Channel.

The official I Can Make You Thin website is easily found via the TLC website. On the official site, you can discover a wealth of information and join the I Can Make You Thin club online. At the time of this writing, the official site says it will only be free for a few weeks, but that it might stay free indefinitely depending on how the manufacturer develops this side-service. Once you sign up you will have access to a suite of motivational tools including video techniques, community support, “daily power thoughts”, articles, and more. You will even have a chance to chat with original author Paul McKenna directly at certain scheduled times.

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Product Features

I Can Make You Thin features everything you would expect from a comprehensive diet program, and little that we haven’t seen before. You will learn how to overcome “emotional eating”, give your metabolism a needed boost, reduce cravings for junk food, and much more. The official I Can Make You Thin website is very detailed and explains clearly that you will have to do many things for yourself. Luckily, there seems to be an extremely large support community available through internet message boards, so you shouldn’t feel like you are actually doing anything on your own. If you find that you benefit from a supportive community, this feature is appealing, but if you’ve tried joining similar weight loss groups we see little that is different about I Can Make You Thin.

The official website for I Can Make You Thin is combined with Paul McKenna’s website so you have access to all of the products in his line. Many books and DVDs are available in packages. One example is a combo pack of I Can Make You Thin, I Can Make You Confident, and Quit Smoking Today. These books and DVDs are not cheap and this combo pack will cost you $174.00.

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  • Large support community on the official website.
  • The program is authored by a well known and respected author.


  • Many people have tried diet programs similar to this with questionable results.
  • Expensive if you prefer CDs or DVDs to books.
  • No clinical results are available for this program.
  • This program seems to be based primarily on willpower, and those who have had difficulty “saying no” to problem foods in the past may not see better results with I Can Make You Thin.


If you are looking for a comprehensive diet program that might help you feel more confident, as well as teach you techniques for losing weight, then I Can Make You Thin offers an alternative to basic programs. You can pick up a used book for around $10 if you search around the Internet. We recommend checking out the book or watching the television show on TLC before deciding to shell out extra money for the DVDs and other media. As with most diet programs, this will give you tips, but for that extra edge we highly recommend using herbal supplements like a proven appetite suppressant with a powerful fat burner. Supplements like this can be combined with motivational techniques like those detailed in I Can Make You Thin to really give you an edge when it comes to quick weight loss.

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    How do i get aveil and flet belt, or what other means can one use to get slim.
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