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I Create My Body is an audio weight loss program, that claims you can lose weight without dieting. In addition to the audio program, you will receive a “bonus” eBook that teaches you a mental technique to use to help you reach your weight loss goals. Take a look at this review to determine whether or not the program is worth a shot for you. It is marketed toward men and women.

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I Create My Body is a simple audio program. You apply the information and techniques she teaches, but most of the work is done by your subconscious. The program claims that because it works on your subconscious the need to diet is eliminated. As such, the program claims that you do not have to count calories or feel deprived about what you are eating. You will find that you will start craving healthier foods because this program works from the mental angle. The program does not offer any exercise advice, either, because it says you should not have to exercise to get the body you want. Rather than doing actual physical exercise, you will be concentrating on the type of body you want to make your subconscious do the work for you. The program only requires you to listen to the audio for 15 minutes every day, so this is a quick and easy thing you can work into your routine.

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  • I Create My Body will not take a lot of your time.
  • No counting calories or “off limits” foods


  • I Create My Body is expensive at $97.
  • You do not really get any information about the types of techniques that are used to help you reach your goals.
  • Some of the customer reviews do not show full body photos, so we cannot really see the “weight loss” results.
  • There is written homework which may turn some people away from the program.
  • The program does not promote exercise.


I Create My Body seems like it could have some value because it reprograms the body to want healthier foods, so you are less inclined to reach for the unhealthy junk foods which contribute to making you fat and make dieting even harder, but the fact of the matter is, if it were just as simple as changing your subconscious, we would all be skinny, and not have any health problems. While changing your mindset is important to weight loss, it is also important to make healthy eating choices and to increase the calories you burn through exercise to make your body strong and feel good. You can lose weight with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a weight loss supplement, while spending much less money than this program asks for.

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