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I Want Six Pack Abs was created by Arnel Ricafranca, fitness expert, boot camp coach and author of several industry related books. In it he outlines a very detailed journey to go from fat abs to flat abs. This is a 16 week workout program which promises you six pack abs at the end of it . According to the site, over 5000 people have got flat abs, or six pack abs following this workout routine. Membership to this site is free and comes with six pack abs workout video journal.

Arnel has a Bachelor degree in Health and Exercise Science. He is a certified AFAA personal trainer and a certified C.O.R.E Instructor. He has also received a certification from the American Strength Training Institute and is CPR Healthcare Provider insured. His story has been featured in the New Jersey Life Magazine and the Morris Health and Life Issue, and he has been interviewed on Radio as well.

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The I Want Six Pack Abs is a free membership program. The training is divided into 16 weeks, and each week has the following: Resistance Training, Interval Training, and Support Eating advice. The Resistance Training links have a video for each of them, as well as the workout routine described in detail. There are also routines described to show how each exercise is done and rules with regards to both training and diet. All the exercises are done in supersets, and it’s recommended that you rest not within supersets, but between them. There is also advice offered as to how many reps should be done, but these can be adjusted according to your fitness level. The exercises range from the V-up, full sit up and Hanging Hip Raise, to the lumbar Roll, Single Leg Plank Raise and Stick Crunch. There are over 70 routines described in detail.

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  • The site is full of exercise routines, all described in detail.
  • There is audio and video coverage, so you can see how progress is expected to look like.
  • There is a recommended set guideline, as well as guidelines covering diet.
  • You can download all the information for free, or join in as a member, which is also free, to gain access to the site’s forum.


  • There is no real disadvantage to this site. Perhaps the only thing difficult is getting motivated to follow a 16 week program.


There is no real substitute for exercise and a good and healthy diet. And this site combines both. It is so very detailed, that even those just beginning an exercise routine should find it easy to do. The site recommends you follow the routine outlined, but adjust the number of reps to suit your fitness level. That is only a small part of the excellent advice offered on this site.

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    morrison williams

    i need six packs…pls help me with what to do,the exercise


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    I need six pack exercise