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I Want to Save Your Life is a television show on the Women’s Entertainment (WE) network. The show is hosted by Charles Stuart Platkin. He calls himself the “Diet Detective” and uses the show to set up health interventions to help people with serious issues regain control of their health and weight. He has developed a website companion to go along with the show, for people who cannot get his help first hand through the show, where he offers his tips, tricks, and other advice to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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I Want to Save Your Life is targeted at both men and women who have issues with their health and weight. In the program, Platkin promotes people changing their eating habits to healthy ones, but takes it one step further. He also encourages people to take a closer look at the underlying reasons why they struggle with eating and weight issues, and how they can make changes to help solve the underlying issues to help them succeed. He helps people see that by making these lifestyle changes now, they can reduce the likelihood of serious disease, and potentially reverse some of the negative effects their lifestyle has already caused. The online program provides people with customized diet plans, personalized exercise programs, and a variety of support and advice options from Platkin himself. The program costs $4/week billed in 13 week quarters, after a 7 day free trial. This means you must have $52 to get started.

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  • I Want to Save Your Life is handled by a diet and nutrition expert.
  • I Want to Save Your Life is suitable for men and women, and available online for people who do not appear on the show.


  • I Want to Save Your Life‘s online diet program requires you to fill out a questionnaire before getting any real information about the program, or use the “sign up” option to find out any thing substantial, and this link is not easy to locate.
  • This is billed quarterly.
  • No testimonials for the online program.
  • Seven days is not enough time to fully evaluate a program and its result.


I Want to Save Your Life is an informative, helpful TV show that helps you see a glimpse into the problems many people have with health and weight loss. Simply watching TV will not help you, you must take what you learn from the show and apply it to your own lifestyle. Without more information about the online program, we advise you to proceed with caution. We agree diet and exercise are a vital part of health and weight loss and go hand-in-hand, so we advise a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a proven weight loss supplement to help you lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone.

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