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Iceland Health Chromax is a supplement distributed by Iceland Health. There is an official website for Iceland Health, but there is no mention on the website of the Iceland Health Chromax. According to, the Iceland Health Chromax is a chromium Picolinate supplement offering varying mcg levels of Chromium Picolinate.


Chromium Picolinate.

Product Features

Iceland Health Chromax offers a large dose of Chromium Picolinate. The supplement is not sold on the Iceland Health website, but various online retailers sell the supplement with mcg levels ranging from 400 mcg per serving to 1000 mcg per serving. Chromium Picolinate has been the topic of many scientific studies, but few have proven a trustworthy link between chromium Picolinate and weight loss.

When searching online, we found the link to Nutrition 21. This website does offer information on Iceland Health Chromax. The website does not, however, sell the product directly. According to the Nutrition 21 website, the Iceland Health Chromax supplement can be purchased from a huge list of online and offline distributors.

There is a bit of confusion whether the Iceland Health Chromax is offered by Iceland Health, Nutrition 21 or both. At the bottom of the information about Iceland Health Chromax on the Nutrition 21 website, there is a link to the Iceland Health website. The Iceland Health Chromax is sold as 60 capsule bottles. Due to the varying mcg per serving, the price also varies. On the website, there are several testimonials from people who have used the product. All reviews are positive, but there are no before and after photos provided.

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  • The Iceland Health Chromax product could be affordable.


  • There are several websites offering information on the Iceland Health Chromax, but few selling the product.
  • Chromium has not been proven to help people to lose more weight.
  • There is no scientific research provided to support the efficacy of the product.


Both Iceland Health and Nutrition 21 offer Iceland Health product information. The Nutrition 21 website is the only website that offers information on the Iceland Health Chromax. The product is not available for sale on as of the time this review was written.

Without sufficient scientific support for the chromium supplement, it is hard for the consumer to make an educated choice to lose weight with Iceland Health Chromax. It is also disconcerting that the Iceland Health website does not offer information on their very own product. In order to lose weight, a fat burner and an appetite suppressant can be used to boost the amount of weight lost. While there is some evidence that chromium can help control carbohydrate cravings, the support is inconclusive. Using a proven weight loss supplement may be the better choice.

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9 User Reviews about Iceland Health Chromax

  • 1

    Im 52 havent had a period in 5 months. Been taking Chromax Plus for 2 weeks and 3 days ago my period started. Is it because of the iron in the medicine?



    Should you really want to be having a period at 52. Many women have reached menopause at that age.Ive never heard of a woman wanting to have a period. Most do not. Are you afraid because you may not know if you become pregnant? I hope you are not thinking about having a child at 52. Your period should be stopping naturally before long.


  • 2

    Purchase at Walmart.


  • 3

    Do you take only 1 tablet a day? Which meal should I take it before: breakfast, lunch or dinner? Thanks!


  • 4
    Glendan M

    Had gained up to over 165, small frame and could not stand it cannot find the place I purchased the Chromax Plus 500, but I’ve lost down to 144 lbs and still loosing because I’ve stopped eating my large meal at night. I eat the dinner from the night before at lunch and do a lot of walking, drive liquids and have cut back on sweets because I have no desire for it. I need to find out where i bought the Chromax Plus



    They have it at wal-mart


  • 5

    Began taking this product a week ago. Have not had any significant weight loss. But have noticed I have had more energy since taking Health Chromax Plus Ultra Strength.


  • 6
    warren lutwin

    chromax plus 500 mg went to store trying to find out about product called refered to natures products then to icelnad want to know about chromax plus simple question please advise


  • 7

    I started taking the Iceland Health Chromax Plus Ultra Strength 500mg a month ago. I have not changed my diet, exercise or activity level. I have lost 12 pounds. I feel like I have more energy and I enjoy being able to buy smaller size pants!