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The Ichol Plus supplement is created by Genestra. There is no official website for either Ichol Plus or Genestra at the time of this review. The Ichol Plus supplement claims to help aid in overall health and support conditions including constipation, gall stones, kidney stones, gout, jaundice, menopause, endometriosis, hypertension and hypotension.


Choline (Bitartrate), Inositol, l-Methionine (Methionine), Ox Bile (New Zealand), Beta vulgaris (Beet), Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) and Chelidonium majus (Celandine).

Product Features

Lipotropic factors are used in many supplements to remove fat from the liver. In combination with the green tea and the dandelion this could reveal the mode of weight loss support for Ichol Plus. Green tea has been scientifically proven to boost metabolism and fat burn, but the information listed shows only 15 mg of green tea per serving. According to scientific research, green tea needs to be taken in levels of 375mg per day, or more, to see healthy benefits. This product does not contain enough green tea to claim weight loss benefits.

Dandelion is used as a diuretic in weight loss supplements. This does not create real weight loss; rather it helps the user to lose water weight which will be regained as soon as the supplement usage is stopped. Celandine, the most interesting ingredient, is toxic at certain levels. When smaller amounts are included in a supplement, an antimicrobial or sedative effect can occur. There is little use for a sedative in a weight loss supplement that is supposed to boost metabolism and fat burning.

The lack of an official online presence leaves the user with no way of contacting the creator in regards to the Ichol Plus supplement. It also means there are no testimonials, free offers or return policies in order to boost trust with the user. The Ichol Plus supplement is sold online for less than $25.00 for 90 capsules. The product instructions tell the user to take one or two capsules, two times every day. At this dosage, one bottle could last as little as 23 days.

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  • Green tea can aid in weight loss at high enough levels.
  • The supplement is affordable.


  • There is not enough green tea in this product.
  • The dandelion will cause water weight loss not real weight loss.
  • No testimonials were found.
  • There are no appetite suppressants in this supplement.


Losing weight with a supplement is a popular choice today. The Ichol Plus, however, has very little room to call itself a weight loss supplement. The level of green tea is very small and scientific studies have proven amounts of 375 mg or more are needed to support weight loss. It may be a better choice to pick a proven appetite supressant and fat burner for your weight loss journey.

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5 User Reviews about Ichol

  • 1
    Elizabeth E

    Well just been put on this product to aid digestion after gallbladder removed and I agree with Corey it is making me feel very strange and not only stomach issues but chest tightness and my head feels headachy too and I feel faint. I will check with my ND tomorrow before taking anymore and I only took half the pill to be on the safe side. I am drinking lots of water to help flush this through. I have always been so sensitive to everything so this may not be right for me or I have to go about it slower but will check to get advice.


  • 2

    Not sure why they list this as a weight loss supplement? Obviously they haven’t done any research on this site for this product. It helps with gallbladder issues. And yes it does work. But be warned it does cause stomach cramping and discomfort until your body gets use to it.


  • 3
    kat murphy

    This is not a weight loss product!! But if your gallbladder or bile duct is blocked it is AWESOME


  • 4

    I was prescribed Genestra Ichol Plus 10 years ago to assist in reducing gallbladder complaints. I attribute this digestive supplement to the fact that ten years later I still have my gallbladder. One must also reduce fat and colesteral in one’s diet but how can that hurt? I am grateful to both my ND and this supplement which has helped me avoid a surgery I don’t want to have.


  • 5

    I took this for regulating my menstrual cycle and liver – as prescribed by a ND. It apparently helps to “gather” things and get them to the liver where they can be processed. It worked well with another liver supplement – but was not for weight loss (although that happened too! added bonus.).