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Internal Cleansing Systems Colonic Enema Kit, or ICS Colonic Enema Kit, packages all tool needed to effectively cleanse the colon at home. Recently, colon cleansing has become a huge part of the weight loss industry and most of the “facts” are simply propaganda to get sales and make money. The ICS Colonic Enema Kit is one is a long line of kits that may cause more harm than good.

List of Ingredients

Nozzles, tubing, recipe booklet, instructions, clamps, one gallon bag and plug.

Product Features

ICS Colonic Enema Kit offers home users the ability to complete a water based colon cleansing without the help of a professional hydrotherapists. While colon cleansing may not be supporting by all, hydrotherapists are trained in recipes, water temperatures and flow rate to maintain the safety of their clients. The ICS Colonic Enema Kit attempts to train an individual at home with a small recipe booklet to perform a self guided colonic.

The recipes vary based on the type of cleanse desired. Castile soap and herbs can be added to the colonic solution. Herbal laxatives or colon cleansing supplements are also supported by the creators of ICS Colonic Enema Kit. Due to the personal nature of colon cleansing, very few people will ask for help with the procedure which can lead to a tearing of the anal tissues and cramping and internal injury.

ICS Colonic Enema Kit retails for $69.95. Additions like castile soap, herbs of herbal supplements will be added on to this price.

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  • Information on ICS Colonic Enema Kit can be found online.


  • Home based colonics can result in injury and illness.
  • Irritation of the colon and anus may result.
  • Castile soap can cause diarrhea and dehydration.
  • Infection can occur if colonic tools are not sterilized.
  • Heated water can easily burn the anus and anal canal.
  • Real weight loss is not associated with colonics.
  • Dehydration may result from loss of water.
  • Certain herbs may interact with prescription or over the counter medication.


Using the ICS Colonic Enema Kit to perform a self guided colonic is not a great idea. Though supported by some as the next big weight loss choice, colonics will not result in permanent weight loss. Most often, old waste is rinsed from the intestinal tract, but as soon as food is consumed that waste will return. Water weight may also be shed for a few days, but natural body processes will soon return to normal and the water weight will return as well. The risks far outweigh the rewards when it comes to the ICS Colonic Enema Kit. If colon cleansing is essential, an herbal version will carry far fewer risks than a home colonic kit.

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