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Ideal Cleanse is a multi-part weight loss and cleansing solution that claims to use all-natural fiber sources to cleanse the colon and boost weight loss naturally. There is no information on the official website regarding the specific ingredients included in Ideal Cleanse. The website, however, is professionally done and very user friendly. With such a spectacular website, we cannot understand why the ingredient list is so secret.

You can order Ideal Cleanse directly from the website for a whopping $89.95 plus $10 shipping and handling. There are consumer reports that say Ideal Cleanse offered a free trial and consumers were still charged the $89.95 for their product even when the product was returned as required.

List of Ingredients

SunFiber, Probiotics, Natural Digestive Stimulating Herbs and Fiber Crystals.

Product Features

If Ideal Cleanse is a cleanse at all, some of the ingredients have to be natural laxatives. These can be addictive to the colon as it needs to work less to move waste from the body. There is no reference to how long the Ideal Cleanse should be taken, but in our experience, cleanses should only be used short-term for occasional constipation.

The ingredient list is vague, but these are the only bits and pieces we could pull from a variety of sources. SunFiber is a natural source of fiber and a bulk-forming laxative, but not one that is strong enough to be included as the main ingredient in a cleanse. Probiotics are another healthy ingredient that could increase waste movement, but again the effect is mild at best.

Ideal Cleanse pushes the fiber crystals as being the break through ingredient. Supposedly, the fiber crystals in Ideal Cleanse dissolve in any non-carbonated beverage and work in the colon as a scrubber to remove old waste. Realistically, the body does not hold onto old waste as many colon cleansers would like dieters to believe.

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  • Fiber is a healthy diet choice.


  • Ingredients are not listed on the official website.
  • The price at $89.95 is more than other cleansers.
  • A diet needs to be followed when taking Ideal Cleanse.
  • The diet may be linked to weight loss rather than the supplement.
  • The official website offers no verifiable or supportive information.
  • Consumers have complained the company charged credit cards used for free trial offers when the product was returned.


Ideal Cleanse feels a little off to us. The website is beautiful and very user friendly, but that could be a mask hiding a company that spits out fiber and calls it a cleanse. Weight loss is not dependent on cleansing the colon, though these products have become more popular with each passing month. Cleanses are not long-term solutions and should be completed only a couple times a year at most.

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