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Colon cleansing is considered to be a healthy, at home choice in homeopathic therapy. With the acceptance of colon cleansing and the increase in cases of colon cancer, more and more cleansing supplements are making their way to the consumer. IdealCleanse is one of those supplements. The product is sold through Amazon Marketplace but is linked back to The Natural Health Shoppe. The official website for that company does not list IdealCleanse for sale which is a bit confusing.

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IdealCleanse is listed online as a diet. There is no official ingredient list to be found and no official website for the product. The only online retailer we could find that sells IdealCleanse is Amazon and they list very little information on the product and no testimonials.

SunFiber, which is a new source of fiber according to the product description, works with the body to naturally cleanse the colon and return the digestive system back to normal function. This may be true, to an extent, but weight loss will not be the result. Colon cleansing may relieve occasional constipation or make the user feel better for a while, but a healthy diet is needed to maintain healthy bowel function. IdealCleanse, if the only ingredient is fiber, is an overpriced version of any other name brand or store brand fiber on the market.

Fiber supplements like IdealCleanse also require an increased amount of water intake to work as a natural laxative. Most fiber used in supplements is of the bulk forming kind. This means water is needed or the bulk that is formed will not move out of the body. Incidentally, bulk forming laxatives can cause constipation is enough water is not consumed.

IdealCleanse sells online for $39.99 per box. There is no mention of what is included with the supplement or how to take the supplement.

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  • Fiber is good for overall body health.


  • IdealCleanse does not list ingredients.
  • No official website could be found with dosage instructions or information on how the supplement is taken.
  • IdealCleanse costs more than other natural fiber supplements.
  • The consumer has no idea what they are paying for – powder, capsule, tea?
  • Weight loss will not result from taking fiber in most cases.


IdealCleanse is not a weight loss or colon cleansing supplement we would trust. The first rule in supplement trust is revealing the ingredients in a supplement and IdealCleanse does not do that. Moreover, the consumer has no idea what comes in the box they are paying $39.99 for. With only one brief paragraph explaining the supplement, no official website and no testimonials, it would be hard for anyone to trust this supplement.

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    Steve Markoff

    IdealCleanse, EverCleanse.. whatever they call it now.. as you say, Fiber is good. GNC makes a product called Super Fiber which is also sunfiber (by Taico)… great addition to any diet, blah blah… costs 1/3 the price for twice as much… LOL