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IdealShape Review - Does This Meal Replacement System Work? Are cost and taste deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

idealshape-product-imageMeal Replacement shakes can be a good way to lose weight, so we did an in-depth review on IdealShape, a meal replacement shake that can be taken every day. We looked at the ingredients, side effects, research, customer service, and online reviews for this product, and compiled all the information we gathered into a summarized review to give our readers the info they need.

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What You Need to Know

IdealShape is a meal replacement that contains Slendesta Potato Extract as the main active ingredient. The other ingredients are a proprietary blend, but a call to the company confirmed that there is some lead in this product. These meal replacement shakes are taken twice a day to accelerate weight loss, and you can take the easy to mix formula with you anywhere.

IdealShape has been around since 2003, and uses all natural ingredients. We like the longevity of the company and the all-natural ingredients, but some users don’t like that the formula contains lead. We also like that they offer a money back guarantee, and that the product is easy to find online, but read on…

Price – “Yee-Ouch”

Our primary concern with the IdealShape meal replacement shakes was the expense. “If you have the money to spend on meal replacement shakes, IdealShape does help suppress appetite and reduce caloric intake,” said our research editor. “But the prohibitive cost is enough to empty your wallet.”  At $70 per container, a month’s worth of shakes will cost over $140 when shipping is added, and that’s without the optional meal replacement bars that are recommended.

“too expensive to justify; more affordable alternatives are out there,” said one user.

“I can’t afford this product, so I’ll keep taking my affordable diet supplement,” said another.

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Taste – Another Concern

Many people also complained about the gritty overly sweet taste of IdealShape. In reading through online reviews, we found that the biggest complaint that people had was that it was too sweet and too gritty to choke down. “I tried IdealShape for the first time this week, and I don’t know how anyone can stand this taste,” said one confirmed customer.

“I haven’t liked a single flavor I’ve tried,” said another. Most reviews agreed with these two, but some people found ways to get past the taste. “Double the amount of liquid, or try mixing this with almond milk for better results,” said one person.

Our studies of diet supplements have shown that if there is something that is more difficult or troublesome about a particular workout routine or diet supplement (taste, side effects, cost, painful workout, etc.) the likelihood of achieving long-term success is slim. Losing the weight and keeping it off is more difficult when there is something that you don’t like about the supplements you’re taking. If IdealShape really does have a taste that is gritty and too sweet, this could be a problem for those looking to slim down.

If you are convinced that IdealShape is for you, most reviewers recommend that you mix it with pineapple juice, almond milk, or double the water that you would usually use.

The Science

There is some research behind the ingredients in IdealShape, and some evidence to suggest that it works as an appetite suppressant, but there’s no evidence suggesting that IdealShape works better than more affordable alternatives, or better than diet and exercise alone.  With much cheaper alternatives on the market, we would have liked to seen a published study proving that IdealShape is a better product that helps users lose more weight than other meal replacement products. At DietSpotlight, we know the importance of published studies, and without unbiased scientific research backing up claims, it can be difficult for customers to believe the claims that a company puts on their products.

The Bottom Line

We were initially intrigued by the longevity of IdealShape. We also liked the convenience of their meal replacement shakes, the ability to purchase the product quickly online, and the appetite suppressors, but the lack of scientific data proving that this is a better weight loss shake than more affordable alternatives mean that we can’t recommend this to our readers. We are also concerned about the lead content in the formula, the overly sugary sweet taste and consistency, and the high cost of IdealShape.

If you’d like a way to slim down, we suggest you find a product that is scientifically proven to help you lose weight without the high cost or unappealing taste. Finding a product that has scientific research behind its claims is important to us at DietSpotlight, so we recommend that you find a supplement with claims that are backed up by published clinical research.

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What You Should Know

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There are a range of weight loss programs out there offering users myriad different approaches to losing weight. Some of them try to fight the fat from every possible angle-one of these is IdealShape. Interestingly, this company has an agreeable BBB rating. IdealShape is a relatively new weightloss program that incorporates a range of different approaches to weight loss, including meal replacement shakes, a body shaping support supplement, a nutrition plan, an exercise program, and "Brain Food" CDs designed to encourage users to develop effective and healthy habits that will put them on the road to weight loss success.

List Of Ingredients

The meal replacement shakes contain Slendesta Potato Extract as an active ingredient. The body shaping supplement, Resverashape, has Resveratrol as an active ingredient. The company claims that all ingredients used in their products are "effective" and "natural".

Product Details

Users are advised to replace one meal a day with the IdealShape weight loss shake, followed by a glass of water. For faster weight loss, users should replace two meals per day with the shake. Those who are looking to build lean body mass are advised to drink an IdealShape weight loss shake before or after a workout in order to aid muscle repair. The shakes should be taken in conjunction with the shaping supplement. In addition, users are advised to make use of the Brain Food CD in order to encourage healthy behaviours.

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  • Plenty of information about the product available online on the company's website
  • Multi-pronged approach to weight loss
  • A full refund is available


  • The program may be prohibitively expensive for some users
  • The program is quite complicated
  • A full list of ingredients is not easily available
  • Some elements of the program do not appear to be based on rigorous scientific research


IdealShape takes several different and complementary approaches to weight loss, and may help users lose weight and keep it off. The emphasis on healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors works in this product's favor, and it's likely that users who follow this program will see some sort of improvement to their overall health and fitness. However, users should still be skeptical about the overall efficacy of such products, and should weigh up the pros and cons before beginning such a program. Full price ranges can be found on the official site. IdealShape is on the expensive side due to the variety of different weight loss approaches it encompasses, and this cost may put off some users. Users may also wish to inquire about a full set of ingredients before beginning the IdealShape program, particularly if they have or suspect they have allergies to particular ingredients such as gluten or dairy. Overall, however, this program seems to advocate a healthy approach to weight loss.

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14 User Reviews About IdealShape

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  • 1

    Just ordered a tub of the chocolate ideal shape shake. Was reading the labels and noticed a sticker attached that says WARNING: this product contains lead and can be harmful….what? Anyone aware of this?


  • 2
    Tammi Perry

    I get real nauseated after drinking my ideal shake. Is this normal? Is this a side effect?


  • 3
    Kay Wessing

    Curious as to how much Sucralos (Spenda?) is in each 8 oz. drink. I have only had 2 shakes out of the tub (which seems to be overly sweet and I’m a sweet nut) and I don’t particularly like how it makes me feel. I have this same reaction to Aspertame. Have you had others make this connection to this artifically sweetened diet aid?



    I too do not like the way I “feel” after drinking it, which is sad because I don’t mind the taste and I do feel full but I just can’t stand the fuzzy,almost aggravated feeling I get after drinking it.


    Your Name

    I’m having the same “fuzzy” and nauseous feelings after drinking it. I’m trying to figure out what in it is causing this.


  • 4

    My husband and I have been using IdealShape for 12 weeks now and combined we’ve lost a total of 112 pounds. We feel fantastic and are getting ready to order our 3rd delivery. IdealShape works!!!!


  • 5
    Helen Majewski

    Has anyone had hair loss after using ideal shape?



    Helen.. that may be from weight loss in general.


  • 6

    I’ve been on Ideal Shape shakes for a quick breakfast that tastes good, it’s very filling and helps with my cravings. I add, a tiny bit of peanut butter to the chocolate shake. Or I’ll put berries in the Vanilla shake. It satifies my cravings and I’ve lost over 17 lbs and feel really good. Lost 4 pant sizes so far. I have a long way to go, but I really think this will be a lifestyle change. It’s really not that expensive, I save so much on regular groceries. I eat very healthy proteins and veggies! Would recommend this product to anyone.


  • 7

    I started using IdealShape Shake after being stall on the same weight a whole month. Did some research before ordering and saw that it has a good rating and reviews. Once I started using IdealShape Shake I saw immediate results, I lost 7 pounds in just two weeks. Im done with my first IdealShape tub, getting ready to start my second one!!!



    are you still on it


    Your Name

    Congratulations! Just got mine. What do you mix yours with – water? Thanks


  • 8
    Leslie Herbach

    I am in the decision make mode of becoming a promoter for Visalus, however, thought I should try your shake first due to such high ratings/reviews that I have read. How would I be able to get a free sample of this product? Thank you, Leslie


  • 9

    Where can I order Idealshape? I have contacted their number on their store site, but it has been disconnected and no longer in service. So please let me know where I can get it where it is secure. Thanks


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