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iDiet4U is a website dedicated to sharing information on the various diets, both fad and trusted, used to increase weight loss. The main page of the website lists some of the most popular in fad diets along with some viable, healthy weight loss plans. Consumers may have trouble sorting through the long list of information provided by the website, however.

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Information on popular weight loss diet plans.

Product Features

iDiet4U shares information on fad, new, old and trendy diets that you may wish to attempt to increase weight loss. Under each heading is a list of foods that can safely be eaten on the plan or an explanation of how the weight loss diet works. The Fast Food diet, for instance, lists foods that are safe to eat while dining out at fast food restaurants. Most of the choices are lower in calorie, but may not be a healthy alternative.

Links are provided throughout the website leading to additional diet plan information. These links are often associated with third party retailers selling diet books, fitness plans or eBooks about weight loss. External links leading to places like Amazon may cause the dieter to lose faith in a website or the information they provide as a positive review for the plan may just be written to increase sales.

What is interesting about iDiet4U is the fact that “safe” choices are listed for each diet plan. While some of the diets are clearly fad, like the Chocolate Weight Loss Diet, information provided is on point and as healthy as possible for the given program. Dieters looking for quick bits of information may find it on the iDiet4U website. There is no cost for using iDiet4U.

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  • Information is provided on many popular diets.
  • All information is free of charge.
  • Links are easy to find for all of the reviews diets.


  • Scrolling text and ads can make the site a bit difficult to navigate.
  • Most diet reviews are associated with third party product sales.
  • Review may be biased to increase profit.


iDiet4U is a website out to make money as dieters find the supportive information they wanted about a given plan and click through to buy books, DVDs or CDs. The website is best used as a source of information, but that information may not be 100% honest. There were no negative reviews found on the website and every page included a link to a third party website selling some product associated with the plan.

Weight loss is about eating right and choosing the best supplements to increase fat burn. There are research backed supplements available that can work better to help a dieter achieve their goals than any fad diet.

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