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In the body building community, the IFBB Pro League is the upper echelon of achievement. The roots of the IFBB Pro were sowed in 1940 when Joe Weider published his first edition of Your Physique. Six years later, the IFBB Pro was formed by Weider and his brother. The IFBB Pro is best known as the creator of Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia. The official website for the IFBB Pro is open to everyone and includes information on bodybuilding, training and nutrition.

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Proven bodybuilding techniques supported by the IFBB Pro.

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Taking one look at the IFBB Pro website, the visitor will see the dedication many bodybuilders put into the sport. In terms of weight loss, the training and nutrition tabs are probably the most important. Training information is listed free of charge and can be used by professionals or newbies who want to start out in the gym with effective routines. Routines are often characterized and published based on the area of the body being worked. For instance, there are routines for upper body, lower body, bicep concentration, abdominal concentration and so on.

Nutrition is just as important to building muscle and losing weight as exercise. The IFBB Pro promotes high protein diets in place of illegal or muscle altering supplements. Most often, these diets are high in calories due to the long workouts and intense training required to compete on the IFBB Pro stage. Weight loss is not often a concern for IFBB Pro members and thus the diets may need a bit of tweaking in order to reduce caloric totals to weight loss levels, but the nutrition sense is researched and sound.

Links are listed on the IFBB Pro website to other affiliations with the organization. While the official IFBB Pro website does not charge for access, these websites may have products for sale to the consumer.

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  • Free information on training and nutrition is available to everyone.
  • Links to research studies and proven muscle building science can be found through IFBB Pro.


  • Not everyone will require workouts to build muscle on a professional level.
  • Some viewers may be turned away by the constant barrage of weight lifting photos.
  • Nutrition may be higher in calories.


The IFBB Professional League has been around for more than 60 years as part of the body building scene. Learning about nutrition and proper fitness is easy with 60 years of experience, but most of the information will be tailored toward people wanting to build muscle and potentially compete for an IFBB title. Normal, everyday people trying to lose weight will find some great information, but fat burning and weight loss are not often topics of conversation.

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