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iFit Review - Does This Exercise Software System Work? Are cost and complicated software deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 4.0 / 5.0
iFit Review

iFit has generated a lot of Buzz and is a well-known product in the exercise technology industry, but does it work? We took a look at iFit in our latest review to find out for ourselves. We looked at the product, the quality of customer-service, and the research behind the product. We also read hundreds of reviews and comments online and summarized what we found to give you a condensed review of this product.

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What You Need to Know

iFit is an exercise technology product that provides workouts, maps, and visuals for those working on iFit enabled equipment. Many exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and more are compatible with iFit, making this product flexible and usable for a variety of workouts. iFit also has a line of wearable technology that allows you to track your activity and sleep patterns.
iFit has only been around for about 3 years, making it a new company in the weight loss sector, but it has quickly grown into a respected player in the market, which is a good sign. Their products are available worldwide in retail stores, exercise equipment stores, online, and through their official website. We like their BBB rating, the overall positive reviews of the company, and their wide variety of product offerings, but read on…

Price–When Free Doesn’t Mean Free

The biggest complaint in nearly every review we read was about the high cost of iFit products. Their wearable technology is competitively priced with similar products on the market, but the software for use with the exercise equipment can get expensive really quickly. “iFit offers free content, but you have to pay $10 a month to access the ‘free’ content,” said our research editor. “This content is only suitable for beginners, and as you advance into the programs, you can end up spending thousands of dollars a year on premium content and fitness plans.”
“I was charged $10/month for free content and the other content is too expensive to buy,” said one user.
“This looked cool in the showroom, but it’s so expensive that I doubt anyone actually buys it all,” said another.

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Complicated Software–“Not User Friendly at All”

According to a good number of iFit users, the software was complicated and difficult to figure out. There were even some complaints that the software rendered their workout equipment useless because of unknown glitches in the iFit software. “I bought this to help make my workouts more fun, but I couldn’t even use the workouts once the iFit updated,” said one customer.
“The wearable technology works pretty well, but it’s too complicated to figure out and I don’t feel like I’m using it to its full potential,” said another. In reading through online reviews, many people agreed that the products were unnecessarily complicated and often had issues that required the iFit to be serviced. “My iFit wouldn’t work with my home internet, so I had to return it,” said another customer.” The moral of the story with iFit is to make sure you do your research prior to choosing a product to be sure that it will work with your home internet and exercise equipment.
Our researchers have proven that weight loss equipment or diet plans that are overly troublesome (difficult workouts, harmful side effects, complicated software, high cost, etc.) are less likely to lead to long-term weight loss success. If iFit really does have complicated software that isn’t user friendly, it could be difficult for the average dieter to lose weight.
If you are dead set on trying this product, we suggest you find a suitable supplement and maintain a healthy diet along with the product to ensure optimal results.

The Science–Legit?

While exercise is directly linked to weight loss and overall health, there are no studies proving that iFit will help you to exercise more. Their products do seem to make the exercise more enjoyable, but it still takes self-discipline and motivation to get on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical and get your workout in. We’re also concerned that while their products do put an emphasis on activity, they do not have a diet plan that stresses healthy eating. The best weight loss programs will combine a healthy diet with activity to maximize weight loss potential, and without the combination of the two or any science to back iFit’s claims, we see instant red flags.

The Bottom Line–Should You Invest?

We like that iFit has quickly grown into a respected company for weight loss products, that they have a variety of products for every level of fitness, and that their products are available worldwide, but we were extremely disappointed in the lack of clinical studies featuring their products and the lack of research backing up their claims. We’re also concerned about the high price, the complicated software, and the lack of a diet plan encouraging a balanced approach to weight loss.
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How Does iFit Compare?

Previous iFit Review (Updated February 8, 2012):

What You Should Know

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iFit is an online provider of fitness routines. Users can choose to join the website for free and download free work outs for various fitness equipment including ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bikes. Several weight loss tools are also offered on the website for members. iFit currently only allows members who have an activation code from an iFit compatible piece of fitness equipment, but some workouts are available for viewing via video online.

List of Ingredients

Workouts for iFit compatible fitness equipment.

Product Features

iFit is an integrated workout system that links fitness equipment to the Internet for a whole new level of fitness. When a machine is compatible with iFit, an Internet connection allows the machine to store new work out routines and programs for use. If the machine comes with 15 preprogrammed routines, for instance, the iFit website allows the user to download many, many more as desired.

The limitation to the iFit website is the fact that users must have an activation code from their equipment literature in order to take advantage of the online tools for weight loss. There are free videos that can be used to spice up a workout routine, but they will not be saved to your treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.

Some workouts are free to download while others can be purchased from the official website. The cost of iFit downloads are between $20 and $30 depending on the length of the workout and the total number of workouts in a given set. iFit SD cards are used with some machines to speed up the download process.

See Our Featured


  • iFit can supply an ever changing source of fitness routines.


  • iFit tools are limited to people who own an iFit machine.
  • Purchasing work outs can become very expensive.
  • iFit machines typically require an Internet connection to work.
  • Losing weight requires continued dedication to working out.
  • There is no mention of diet or supplements on the iFit website.


iFit may be a great option for someone who owns an iFit compatible machine, but for everyone else, the tools are locked and unavailable. iFit is an expensive alternative to workout videos and audio downloads. Working out, while a crucial part of the weight loss system, is something that requires dedication and time. Not everyone will have the time to search workouts then download the files to a machine or SD card. Some users also complain about problems with downloads and slow Internet connection links to iFit.

Fat burners are an inexpensive way to boost weight loss without an expensive home fitness machine. For the price of one or two downloads from iFit, a researched and proven weight loss supplement could have you burning fat.

iFit FAQ:

We refined hundreds of user comments about iFit into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of iFit?

Some of the potential side effects of iFit include skin irritation and rash.

What comes with iFit?

The iFit comes with a charger and a wireless dongle.

Does iFit work?

There’s no scientific research linking iFit to improved weight-loss. The products could act as a motivational tool, but there’s no solid science to support this. You may want to mix things up a little and change out iFit with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients backed by clinical research.

How much does iFit cost?

iFit wearables range in price from $49 to $249. The module costs $99 and accessories run $15.99 to $100.

How should I use iFit?

You should use iFit on a daily basis. You will place the wearable on your arm, sync a device and begin tracking your fitness and eating patterns. Some products can link to fitness equipment. You can also log information through your computer.

Can I take iFit if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or people under 18 years of age should consult with a healthcare professional prior to using any fitness device, including iFit.

What do users like about iFit?

We found that some users liked the variety of products sold on the iFit website and free fitness guides.

What do users NOT like about iFit?

Some users didn’t like the high price tag of iFit and that the customer service department didn’t resolve customer concerns.

How do I contact the iFit customer service department?

You can contact the iFit customer service department by emailing support@ifit.com, calling a representative at 1-866-608-1798 or by mailing letters to iFit 1500 South 1000 West Logan, UT 84321.

Do I need to sign up for an iFit subscription?

No, you don’t need to sign up for an iFit subscription. Several of the services are free.

How long is the warranty on iFit wearables?

The warranty on iFit wearables is one-year after purchase. This only covers manufacturing defects.

Does iFit come with a guarantee?

iFit comes with a guarantee. You have 30 days to try the products and subscriptions. If you download a product, the sale is final.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on iFit?

There are no special deals or discounts on iFit listed on the official website. However, the last few months have been out of this world, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

32 User Reviews About iFit

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  • 1
    Davis Best

    An Honest Review about Ifit after using it for an extended period. So to start off, I bought a C1750 back in November of 2014. I am a large person, coming in at 6’5 285, and as far as the treadmill, no real complaints. Ifit though is something else. I’ve logged about 200 miles on the treadmill now, including have a paid membership on Ifit for about 10 months. Here is what I determined over that time period: Ifit requires the 10 per month, after taxes its about 10.45ish where I live. You get access to their “free content” however there is still a large amount of paid content. Let me be very clear about content. There is no good content. I registered and used it for 1 reason: map work outs and push them to the device. When you review their content, there is all this info about great content however it comes down to this: creating and pushing work outs to your machine. Without the paid membership, I cannot do this, hence I got it. YOU CANNOT PUSH WORKOUTS without the paid membership.
    After paying for the service, creating work outs was terrible (you can do this in free also). The map create is ok, but the time or distance is terrible. You essentially move a bar to change the speed/incline of the treadmill. The lines are very small, and it is very hard to create points and speeds. The sensitivity is so hard that you get a lot of 5.1pmg or 4.3 incline, etc. On top of that, when it pushed to the machine it seems to do that anyways, even after double checking. Trying to sync up and elevation change with a speed change is SO difficult and it almost never works right, which becomes very frustrating when you’re running hard. To create a solid 45 min work out with variation, it will take about 15-20 mins. As this is the ONLY reason most people want this, it is NOT worth it.
    When you create a map work out (the coolest kind I thought), all it is is Google maps moving along at the running pace with elevation. It does not create videos or do anything cool, essentially just if you were to go on street view and click forward down a street. The elevation has a mind of its own. The program for some reason does not “even” out the hills. So if you gaining 200ft over .5 miles, you might run 10% for .1, 2% for .3, 8% for .2. I know what you’re thinking, its following the roads small elevation changes, well I would run places around my house where I have run hundreds of times and by no means AT ALL does it follow trues road conditions. So it just weird when you run.
    The videos: they boast a large selection of videos and daily work outs. This is rubbish, most of the videos cost money and they tick along at 1 pace. Meaning it you’re not a marathon runner and going along at 5mph, the video runs like a 10mph video. I wanted some just scenic video that I can run with. Not offered (although I did not paid for additional content).
    Additional work outs like burn fat, cardio, etc. again these are part of 3rd party like Julian’s work outs and cost extra money or really basic. Not made for runners who want to do a 8 mile cardio run.
    Lastly is the errors. Because my treadmill has Ifit embedded, Ifit from time to time fails to load. So far it just often signs me out for no reason, or doesn’t allow me to use my treadmill. I have to unplug and restart, so far its worked (I also just stay signed out). I get the errors from time to time, but its just annoying, especially if I’m short on time and having to restart the treadmill. I have not had any issues with it mis identifying the distance or time (I stay under 8 miles on the treadmill though).
    As you can see, the features are so basic and do not work properly that it is just not worth buying the membership. They want 10 a month so you can create your own work outs and send them to the machine. Again when first getting the machine it seemed cool, but the functionality and price are just not worth it. It has turned me off Ifit completely including purchasing a wearable from them.

    I also see a lot people with similar issues and so I’ve opted to advise what I do. This is not a plug, it’s just what I do. I cancelled iFit and found BitGym for the ios. I put that on my ipad and use it while running or biking. I’ll also use naturerelaxation from time to time, especially on the stationary bike. Or I watch a movie via NetFlix/Amazon or youtube. I had to sort out what worked for me. Having said all above, I do wish that iFit was much better and I could use with ease with my treadmill. I don’t think having to outsource my content when it’s supposed to be at my finger tips via iFit. Lately, I’ve been signing on every 3-4 months hoping to see a change of heart from the company…I have still waiting. Apologizes for typos as this 2 line window is hard to review on.

    If anyone wants more info, just reply and I’ll respond. I felt duped after going through iFit’s content and feel like I wasted over a 100 bucks on the company.


  • 2

    To begin with, this company is a joke. I was dumb enough to order one of these and when I got it in, I find out you have to pay to use the thing, you have to have the equipment to use it with. So I tried to call and get a return number for this. Oh my lands. I have sat numerous hours trying to get in contact with some. It don’t happen. You listen to music. I finally called their customer service number and someone finally answered the phone, but he was about as helpless. He tell me I would need to contact the number to get a return number. I finally told him I was going to spread it on facebook how bad their service is. People save your money. I wished I would have looked at the reviews before I spent the money.


  • 3
    pissed off customer

    customer service is horrible,lot of hold time with no results,Then they keep charging your credit card, then loose your order.
    I am sure they will delete this company’s hate to hear how much they suck! Go fitbit….


  • 4

    I came into ownership of a Nordic Track GX 4.0. I was wondering if I should get an ifit for it. From the comments posted doesn’t seem like it is very functional. I’d love to hear from someone who purchased one more recently. Have they made any improvements to it in 2015?


  • 5
    Brian Cherek

    WARNING!!! My wife got me an iFit for Christmas. We have a Nordictrac cross trainer and thought it would be a good addition. The iFit has never worked properly. I have had numerous messages to and from them and reset the thing. They then said that I would have to speak to their UK rep. When I finally got through all he said was ‘well I don’t know why it doesn’t work’. Having challenged iFit I now find that my log in doesn’t work, even after a password reset. It is a con, nothing more and sadly a waste of money.


  • 6

    the ifit program is loaded with problems. any error will shut down your equipment and make it unusable untill a fix is completed. the fix usually lasts a few months then it crashes again.


  • 7
    eddie belz

    My wife and i are going to try out the ifit program do we need to buy 2 memberships or can we register both of us under on membership.



    My wife registered her own account and then linked it to mine. I think you can have up to 4 accounts under one main account. No problems here.


  • 8
    Rodrigo Ruiz

    I purchased a Nordick track tredmill that comes with the ifit software. I also downloaded on my iphone the ifit outside app so when I go abroad I can keep records of my training and check my stats. Oh well… what a mess… last month according to ifit.com I have run like 50 times in that month… when you travel and run outside, and you enter an exercised routine through the ifit outside log app the kms run are not being kept. Then when you go to the figures to check your stats you realize that everything is a mess… unfortunately my wife purchased me now as a birthday present the ifit active band… From my experience with these products, she has wasted her money….


  • 9

    If you buy a machine with ifit enabled thinking you get some cool training videos, maps (depending your model) you should know it requires a service and its very, very expensive one.
    For the right to get their free workouts, you get the pleasure of paying $10 a month. After which you pay extra for the none beginner content.
    Do your research, their videos from the showroom are cool but can be misleading with respect to what you get out of the box and what you need to pay for.
    Another down … iFit is really a closed ecosystem. I was looking at using together with myfitnesspal app but they don’t work together. MyFitnessPal app works with dozens of other apps but no iFit. Checking iFit web site, shows no partners. I suspect its because of their business model where they want you to nickel and dime you. It sorts of explains their naming scheme …. it reminds me of another company with its line of “I” products


  • 10

    Does a Fitbit one fit in your band or clip?


  • 11

    Junk ! Every one I found around town was returned . I bought one from sears thinking oh well it must be aright . Wrong ! No Manuel , registered under another name . I’ve called IFit many times only to be disappointed . I’ve since found out that I need a tablet to show the on screen trails and have to speed up and elevate or lower along with change the speed on the treadmill . Super disappointed with this product . It’s going back .


  • 12

    I purchased the module and the wearable on the promise that everything ifit would work together. I have dealt with tech support 5 times now and still have nothing working together and now for some strange reason I can’t get the wearable app to even signon. NOTHING WORKS AND NO ONE IN TECH SUPPORT SEEMS INTERESTED TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE PROBLEM EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE ADVERTISED A FUNCTIONALITY THAT IS NOT WORKING.


  • 13

    I have an older iFit treadmill. Brought the module for it and could never get it to work. After several tech mails I was told my network had too much latency. They were good about refunding my money but I’m disappointed that it wouldn’t work with a DishNet home network.


  • 14
    Scott Moore

    iFit does not work! Causes our NordicTrack x9i to lock up or not work at all. Turn off iFit and it all starts working again. iFit just crashes… Do not wast your money as we did.


  • 15

    SCAM- after spending hours and hours on the phone with 3 different people, it just does not work with my modem, I had all of the requirements that you are told to have, but my modem is not DHCP, what ever!! One customer service rep told me to go to KMART and buy a new modem and change all of my computers, phones etc to make it work for the ifit, now when I call to return my modeule (on phone for 35 minutes) I was told I have to pay a 10% restocking fee and will have to pay for shipping /handling to send back and they will also deduct the amount from my refuse- if only one person does not go thru this, I am happy. BEWARE and AVOID this company.


  • 16
    Scott Suhr

    I bought the Proform Le Tour with iFit. After I got the bike to link with iFit, it worked fine. BUT — since March it has not uploaded any of my workout stats to the iFit website. AND I cannot download any workouts to the bike (and thus cannot link to Streetview.


  • 17

    Almost a year ago, my wife and I signed up for the ifit service to go with our treadmill. Until November 2012, the service worked well. Then ifit rolled out an untested upgrade that has caused nothing but headaches and problems for their customers. After four months of not getting the services that I had already paid for (we signed up and paid for a year), I finally decided to put this horrendous company behind me. I pulled the ifit module from my treadmill and will not be inserting it again. They could not give this service away for free as it adds no value to the exercise experience, but definitely detracts from the experience. My advice to anyone even remotely thinking about spending real money on ifit is to not do it. Your money will be wasted if you deal with this company – and that’s a guarantee.



    AMEN! Terrible company and terrible customer service.



    Same for me, Ifit just want to get subscriptions, before buying a product, read forums on ifit.com and try to ask a question to the company … I bet you’ll never get an answer. The software doesn’t work, they are body builders not informaticians ..


    Your Name

    DITTO HERE!!! This company is horrible and tech support is the worst!!!!!! AVOID THEIR PRODUCTS AT ALL COST.


  • 18
    The Greek

    IMO, iFit is absolutely terrible and definitely not worth your money. The ability to create your own custom workout on Google maps is a cool feature but you can never create anything longer than 15 miles. I’m a biker and want to go 30+ miles…what the heck!?!?.

    All the data tracking features and charts don’t work. Data gets recorded inaccurately and can’t be corrected. Several features made available on the web page don’t work. You actually have to delete some of your historical information (past accomplished goals) in order to create new ones. Huh?

    It’s as if this is a beta version not worth anybody’s money and is being mass marketed to bilk you out of $100 by simply posting a pretty picture of Jullian Michaels on the cover and riding the coat-tail of the nice graphics by Google maps.

    Save your dough and wait about 3 years before even considering.


    David J

    agree fully, programs are underwhelming and hardware functionality is crippled without a premium account on ifit… borderline false advertising.



    excuse me, which function are disposable without the membership subscription? i’m only interested in creating my own workout.. thank you


  • 19

    An absolute waste of money. I originally purchased this item so I could calculate the milage I was doing on our eliptical. Never did succeed. I bought it for $100, never worked as expected and now I have been informed that I am required to subscribe for $99 a year. NO THANKS, I don’t need to pay for frustration of lost connection. I rate this product -5 stars.


  • 20

    I’m really disappointed with iFit.
    – Workouts are not uploaded right after workout is done.
    – Time stamps of workouts are not incorrect.
    – Statistics on the web site is almost useless. Sort order is ramdam and there is no calendar view.
    – User support is the worst. Phone calls have never been picked up. I sent several email and they never replied to them.

    I think one star is too much for them.
    Their web site is not good enough even if it’s free.
    I paid $100 for them and I am really disappointed with them.


  • 21

    three months ago i would have given it 4 1/2 out of 5, now i’m stretching to give it 1 1/2. After the update, it seems to be one problem after the other and is very frustrating when trying to use on a regular basis.


  • 22

    I bought the ifit wifi module approximately 6 months ago and I would give a 3 star for the device if was not for the recent problems already described by others. Essentially, the wifi module does not work with Google maps anymore. The workouts are still logged in the website (terrible redesign and transition), but what is the use if we can not make use of the maps feature anymore? BTW, customer service practically does not exist.


  • 23

    I bought the ifit card a week ago and it is still not working. Despite numerous emails with support after a website update they no longer reply or give any feedback. It seems currently many people are experiencing the same issues and the support response is to be patient and wait. On top of buying the ifit module I also stupidly bought the iPad app which just helped me waste a further $20. Such a shame it sounded like such a good addiition to my treadmill and workout regime!
    Very frustrated owner.
    Mark – mjpaust


  • 24

    Horrible customer service! Bad attitude of everyone I’ve ever spoken with there. Nightmarish web redesign included time when the treadmill couldn’t even by used! They need to revamp (again) and fix things!


  • 25
    Disappointed iFit User

    1. The iFit works OK with Google Earth/maps.

    1. Drops wireless signal unless it’s in the same room as the wireless router. Ours is in the garage (1 interior wall away from the router) and I lose the connection 30-40% of the time. When I installed it in its existing location, the iFit module rated the signal as “very good”.

    2. Not compatible with 802.11 n & comparable wireless security encryption.

    3. Any change to your profile’s workouts on the iFit site deletes your scheduled workouts and you have to start from the beginning.

    Should be sold as a beta version until the wireless module reception is fixed and the web site’s data base is more user-friendly.

    I probably wouldn’t buy it again.


  • 26

    Note that some iFit features are not available on some treadmills ie I have an XTR90 and only self drawn maps are available, no preset workouts or maps are available at this time


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