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IFRS Antioxidant Health is another title for the FRS Antioxidant Health. The IFRS Antioxidant Health drink is supported by the Healthy Energy website and Lance Armstrong. The IFRS Antioxidant Health is a healthier alternative to the traditional energy drinks available today. The product is sold in both sugar based and Splenda based varieties.


There are several flavors of IFRS Antioxidant Health drink. The common ingredients are water, cane juice, inulin, citric acid, quercetin, ascorbic acid, gum arabic, locust bean gum, green tea extract, Vitamin E, Caffeine, Vitamin B3, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2.

Product Features

The idea of a healthier energy drink is one that has become very popular as of late. The ingredient list contains many natural energy boosters, but their link to weight loss is not evident. The caffeine listed is a common ingredient in many energy drinks, but with only 38 grams per serving, the caffeine is equivalent to 1/3 of a cup of coffee.

When choosing IFRS Antioxidant Health to lose weight, the benefit could come from choosing the Splenda based variety over the traditional sugared energy drink. The calorie reduction is substantial and could account for several hundred calories cut eat day.

The website offers detailed contact information and the IFRS Antioxidant Health product sold in cases only. The 15 pack case retails for $2.38 a can. The 24 pack case retails at $2.37 a can. The website offers a free trial of the FRS products. This free trial, however, is not really free. The two week supply will be placed on auto-ship if the user does not cancel the program. The free trial also comes with shipping and handling cost.

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  • The IFRS Antioxidant Health offers a lower calorie alternative to the traditional energy drink.
  • The product is available online.
  • There is a free trial offer.
  • Contact information is provided.


  • There is no real weight loss support with the IFRS Antioxidant Health product.
  • There are multiple websites for the same company all linked together.
  • The free trial requires cancellation before an auto-ship begins.
  • This is really only a product for those looking for an alternative energy drink.


The IFRS Antioxidant Health or FRS Antioxidant Health drink claims to be a healthier alternative to the normal energy drink. With support from Lance Armstrong and Livestrong, the product has seen a lot of online publicity in the last year. However, the product is not for everyone who is trying to lose weight. If the dieter chooses the Splenda version, they may be able to cut a few calories if they regularly consumed energy drinks with sugar. Otherwise, there is no weight loss support with the IFRS Antioxidant Health product.

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