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Nutrex Research is the manufacturer of the Ignite pre-workout supplement. Supplements created for the sole purpose of being taken before a workout is either protein based or stimulant based. Protein supplements, often with creatine, are supposed to help muscles build faster and recovery more quickly. Ignite is not a protein supplement. Instead, Nutrex decided to formulate a straight stimulant to boost energy before a workout. Stimulants increase heart rate so what happens in the body when the heart is stimulated and the workout is intense?

List of Ingredients

Maximum Impact Multi-Phase Stimulant and Intensity Blend: Phenylethylamine, Methylsynephrine, B-Methylphenylethylamine Tartrate, Theobromine Anhydrous and Caffeine Anhydrous.

Product Features

Stimulants are just another run of the mill supplement for many people heading to the gym. Mild to moderate stimulants can help break that morning fog, or after work slump bettering the chances of making it to the gym at all. Ignite is not mild or moderate. The proprietary blend is made up of 350 mg of stimulants – more than six average cups of coffee. While not all of the stimulants included in Ignite are caffeine, heart rate increases just the same.

So, what happens when the heart is pounding from Ignite and a runner hits the treadmill at 5 MPH? Exercise increases the heart rate on top of the natural stimulant, pushing the heart to new extremes. This can lead to health problems, especially for people who are overweight or under conditioned. There have been professional athletes who have died while taking stimulants and working out intensely, so there is a very real threat to the dieter.

Luckily, pre-workout supplements are typically reserved for people who are well conditioned or those lifting weights to build muscle. Weight lifting does increase heart rate, but nowhere near the level of cardiovascular exercise. In addition, people who are already in great shape will often have a lower resting heart rate leaving a little room for stimulation.

Ignite retails for $34.95 on the Nutrex website. There are no testimonials or free trials to benefit the dieter.

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  • Complete list of ingredients published by Nutrex.
  • Stimulants increase heart rate and weight loss.
  • Ignite could be beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders.


  • Ignite is a pre-workout supplement – this focuses the supplement on a smaller portion of the weight loss community.
  • No testimonials are published on the official website.


We are all about using stimulants to lose weight. Some of our favorite supplements have just enough caffeine to get the heart moving without leaving the dieter feeling like they’ve just run a sprint – all day. Ignite is a strong stimulant that should only be used with caution. Too many stimulants could mean feeling jittery, anxious, and uncomfortable for hours.

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    Tracey Fisher

    I started taking ignite maxx yesterday. so far I felt heartburn which i’m not too upset about but I started feeling lightheadedness, is that a symptom from the caffiene in the product. which could mean that I shouldn’t take it.


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    need 2 know about this diet


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