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iJoy Ride is an exercise machine created by Human Touch. The machine works to strengthen the lumbar, abdominal and hip muscles with a unique free ride motion. According to the official Human Touch website, the iJoy Ride provides effortless workouts that are fun and easy.

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The iJoy Ride fitness rider.

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Human Touch has created a machine that allows the user to sit and workout with very little effort. According to the written literature and workout video, the iJoy Ride moves from front to back and side to side at varying speeds. The rider is forced to tighten various muscles of the body in order to hold on without falling off. The motion of the iJoy Ride is similar to that of a bull riding machine. There is only a seat and a front bar to hold on to during the ride.

Along with the base iJoy Ride machine is packaged with a remote control the user can use to change settings during the ride. The control is small and compact enough not to inhibit the work out. Movements can be adjusted during a workout or before the workout begins. There are no preprogrammed work outs so the rider must choose when to stop or how long to ride.

The theory behind the iJoy Ride is sound. When the body is forced to balance, many muscle groups are used in the process. The abdominal muscles, however, are some of the smallest in the body and thus offer no calorie burn to speak of during an exercise work out.

Users are limited to 253 pounds of body weight which may be too little for some dieters. There are no diet plans or fat burning supplements suggested with the iJoy Ride. The product sells directly from the website for $499 plus shipping and handling. It is ready to use out of the box and requires a common household electrical outlet to work.

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  • Balancing is a good work out for core muscles.
  • Customer reviews are listed on the main website.
  • An instructional video can be found online.


  • There is very little calorie burn associated with core movements.
  • The price of the iJoy Ride is far higher than other comparable work out machines.
  • The machine is limited to users below 250 pounds.
  • No supplements or healthy diet guidelines are provided along with the machine.


The iJoy Ride is an innovative solution for toning core muscles along the midline of the body, but weight loss will probably not occur with machine usage. The machine is also priced at more than $500 with shipping and handling which may be too expensive for some dieters as it works only one section of the body with no cardio effect.

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