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Inca peanuts, which are also known as Sacha Inchi nuts, are grown in the Andes Mountains. According to Dr. Oz, these are one of the best snacks to have on hand when you are trying to lose weight. We will take a closer look at the Inca peanut to determine what it is about this food that is able to promote weight loss.

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Inca peanuts are nutritious because they are high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to many functions in the body, but one of their main roles is to help push fat from cells in the body. The nutrients found in this peanut have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the amount of inflammation in the body, such as reducing the risk of heart disease. In a single one ounce serving, you will five five grams of fiber, which is approximately 1/5 of your daily recommended amount. Fiber is good for regularity to help flush toxins and waste from the body, and will help you feel fuller for longer, so it can act as a natural appetite suppressant. Inca peanuts are available at many grocery and health food stores. You can find them in whole peanut form, and you can also find inca peanut oil to include in your meal preparation. Dr Oz says you should eat an ounce of these peanuts every day, whether you are sprinkling them in your salad, or eating them a handful at a time for a quick snack. It is said these nuts taste more like seeds rather than nuts. You can eat them by themselves, throw them on a salad in place of croutons for that extra crunch, or include them in a trail mix.

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  • Eating healthy fats can help promote weight loss.
  • Inca peanuts are healthy.


  • Inca peanuts are not readily available in all areas.
  • These peanuts may be costly and an expensive snack option for some.
  • Eating too many of these peanuts may cause weight gain, because of how dense they are in nutrients.


Inca peanuts are a highly nutritious item to include in your diet if you can find them in your area at a price you can afford. If they are not in your local area, you may be able to find them online and have them shipped to you. Though they may help with weight loss, it is important to maintain balance with these, as you could easily cause weight gain by eating too many of them. To lose weight, you should follow a reduced calorie diet, workout on a regular basis, and take a clinically proven weight loss supplement.

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