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The Inchaid weight loss supplement is distributed by WholesaleFX. This company is not the creator of the Inchaid product, but no information could be found on the creator. The WholesaleFX website is a UK based supplement website that lists the Inchaid supplement as a dietary supplement but lists no information about how the product works.


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Product Features

The Inchaid supplement is a bit confusing to use for the dieter. The supplement needs to be taken on a specific schedule. The user is supposed to take the Inchaid supplement for five days and then take two days off. After three weeks of use, the dieter needs to take off one week before resuming use of the product.

The ingredient list is full of fancy supplement names, but the list boils down to caffeine and more caffeine. The top three ingredients are all related to caffeine or stimulants in some way. While the website states there are no known side effects related to the use of the Inchaid product, this is not completely true. Caffeine based supplements can lead to nausea, headaches and rapid heart rate. These products should not be taken by people who have heart conditions. The supplement is cost effective with five weeks of the supplement selling for $53.63. The product is shipped from the United Kingdom so there will be a significant shipping cost involved in ordering the product.

There is contact information available on the WholesaleFX website but there is no free trial offer or testimonials. There is a reduced cost trial pack with three days’ supply of the Inchaid weight loss supplement. Figuring the time it takes to lose weight effectively; the three day trial pack seems useless.

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  • Contact information is provided on the Wholesale FX website.
  • Caffeine may boost metabolism a bit.
  • The product is cost effective.


  • There are too many stimulants in the ingredients.
  • The product is sold through a United Kingdom website only.
  • There are no side effects listed though caffeine has several side effects in these amounts.


Caffeine has its place in a weight loss supplement, but this product offers a bit too much caffeine. The other ingredients in the product do nothing for appetite suppression or fat burning. The fact that the product does not note the true side effects of the high amounts of caffeine in the Inchaid supplement is disheartening. We cannot support products of this kind. Instead, we choose to support proven fat burners and appetite suppressants that are safe for everyone to take.

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