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Inches-A-Weigh is an “all-inclusive program” that incorporates nutritional guidance, behavior modification, body sculpting and cardiovascular fitness. This weight loss system offers a 3-phase approach for women who desire to lose weight. The goal is to teach women how to achieve a more active lifestyle overall. Inches-A-Weigh is geared primarily toward women who are 40 and over. There are a couple customer testimonials/before and after photos posted on the official website. Unlike many other weight reduction programs, Inches-A-Weigh claims to be both a diet and an exercise system.

The three primary phases involved with Inches-A-Weigh are Phase 1 “Nutritional Counseling” (figure analysis, nutritional evaluation, medical history, weekly weigh-in, one-on-one support, computerized dietetic analysis, personalized menu planning, 26 behavior modification lessons and increase energy levels), Phase 2 “Body Sculpting” (tone, tighten and firm, slim & contour curves, increase flexibility, less strenuous, low exertion and better health) and Phase 3 “Weight Loss” (cardiovascular efficiency, reach ideal goal weight, muscle tone, improve heart & lung, efficiency, increase muscle strength, increase muscle stamina, feel better and have fun). There do not appear to be any particular supplements or dieting aids involved with the Inches-A-Weigh program, making it more of a complete lifestyle change guide. Inches-A-Weigh is also founded on an “intimate” fitness program, and all of their physical fitness centers are small compared to many mainstream gyms. The official website doesn’t divulge how much the Inches-A-Weigh program costs.

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Inches-A-Weigh is essentially a weight loss program that involves three main steps. There is Phase 1: “Nutritional Counseling,” Phase 2: “Body Sculpting” and Phase 3: “Weight Loss.” This weight reduction system does not involve dietary supplements or pills. Inches-A-Weigh is geared specifically toward middle-aged/aging women. It incorporates nutritional guidance, behavior modification, body sculpting and cardiovascular fitness. Unlike many other diet supplements and programs, Inches-A-Weigh requires more of a permanent lifestyle change. The cost of this program is not stated on the official website. There is no clinical research offered.

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  • The official website discusses exactly what Inches-A-Weigh involves in detail.
  • A healthy diet and exercise are encouraged with the Inches-A-Weigh program.
  • There are two customer testimonials/before and after photos offered on the website.


  • There do not appear to be any satisfaction guarantees offered on the official Inches-A-Weigh website.
  • The cost of the Inches-A-Weigh program is not revealed on the website.
  • Inches-A-Weigh is really only marketed toward middle-aged and elderly women.
  • There are no appetite suppressants involved with Inches-A-Weigh to help you curb hunger.
  • There are no fat burners involved with Inches-A-Weigh.
  • Inches-A-Weigh requires a rather drastic lifestyle change, which may not work for everyone.


Inches-A-Weigh is a rather unique and interesting weight loss program. It stands out since it’s primarily for middle-aged and elderly women. On the bright side, Inches-A-Weigh encourages a healthy lifestyle and diet change and also seems to offer solid customer support. However, this program may not be ideal for many women since it involves a great deal of changes. It would be nice to see some substantial evidence posted on the official website to support the effectiveness of Inches-A-Weigh, along with a price for the program. The notion that no price is listed may discourage some individuals.

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    I also joined the Poway Center. Nancy is great but the rest of the staff is a revolving door. The ladies that came in, did not use the equipment properly for the best benefits. They just laid there and expected to get the results from the machine doing everything. Very few of the ladies used the cardio equipment. Overall the atmosphere was not condusive to weight loss. They do change the hours because it is hit and miss when the participants will be there but that is very frustrating. I will not be signing up to continue with the program. As a side note, I was there when Terri had her son there and he did not want to play away from his mom and did not listen to Nancy. Terri just ignored his crying and carrying on and it was distracting for the rest of us.


  • 2

    I joined the Inches A Weigh in Poway, CA. I quickly learned that was a mistake. The presentation was a powerpoint that the sales person themselves does not understand – it’s ridiculous – if you ask any questions they cannot answer, so don’t even try. They have non-professional staff and rules that are made up whenever they feel like it. For starters, they promise that you can bring your children even though the contract says no children. After I passed my 3 day right to cancel, however, they started limiting the days I can come to the center because of my child. I am a single mom with other daycare options – they actually suggested I put my son in daycare to be able to come into the center. I do not believe their program works. The diet is so restrictive and has items on it that are very hard to find. It is very low-calorie and is gluten free. I was told my toddler could eat the same food so I would not have to cook twice, this was also a lie. They take you off dairy and replace it with unsweetened almond milk, they ask you to buy many supplements that normally I would never purchase, they sell protein supplements similiar to Lindora products (same products – different packaging). Oh the cost is prohibitive – I paid about $1400 for 6 months. They claim you will get a bunch of weeks free, but I believe that people will not continue at their center and return to a real gym. Their machines are not standard gym equipment but do most of the workout for you. It is somewhat based on circuit training, but there is no resistance, as the machines do the work and no workout for your upper body. Everything is lower body. They have 1 vibration platform (the $500 kind from ebay) and they want everyone to use it before and after the workout, however, every is just standing around waiting for it to be free. The trainer is a college student with a horrible attitude. This place is a serious joke! If you are thinking about joining this place – take your money and RUN!!!!



    Dear Terri,
    After reading your review, I was saddened that you portrayed us in such a negative way. We initially informed you that we did not have a Daycare Center for children, but we would accomodate you as best we could, since we have done this with other Mother’s with small children. I tried my best to make this would work for you, but Joshua wanted to stay with you and we had to think about his safety and also the welfare of the other women. This program has been very successful for many women, even women that only can come 2 or 3 days a week. It does take commitment to want to eat healthier and achieve a successful weight loss for life. This can be accomplished by eating healthier foods from the grocery store. Working in the medical field in a hospital for 20 years has shown me firsthand how unhealthy eating can seriously effect your health, also children that are not fed healthy at an early age can have weaker Immune Systems, do poorly in school, develop Juvenile Diabetes and become overweight. I have a deep passion for helping children and adults become healthier and live a long productive life free from diseases. Children and adults have many food allergies and the main ones are Milk and Wheat. Almond milk is a nutritional alternative to milk with many health benefits. My eating program is not low calorie or hard to find food, but it is nutritionally based. There is no easy fix for weight loss, if there were no one would be overweight. It does take a lifestyle change in eating and also staying fit and active through exercise. Our equipment was developed by Medical Doctors for polio patients that could not do strenuous exercise. You may think it is not doing anything but it is working with your muscles and fat cells and toning and firming your skin. You can go to any gym to work out, but can you bond with all the women there and become friends. All of our members have embraced you as well as everyone that joins. We are not a typical gym or weight loss center. All of our members enjoy coming to work out and to see all the new friends they have made since joining. The women that really want to lose weight are losing weight and inches and are extremely happy with the program. They are achieving their weight loss and are able to keep it off. It’s very hard to help someone when they won’t give you a chance. You are welcome to come back and continue and I can assure you that you won’t regret the fabulous results you will achieve. Sincerely, Nancy



    Obviously Terri, you are very upset that the inches-a-weigh centers are wellness and fitness centers – not daycare centers. You were obviously not ready to take responsibility for your health and make a commitment… and because of this, you chose to be immature and make up a bunch of absolutely rediculous LIES about the inches-a-weigh poway program. not one thing you said was true, sadly. And as far as the program working – you actually have to ATTEND the fitness sessions to see results – you did not. You also lied on the pricing. Instead of bashing the very program that tried to help you, maybe you should take some responsibility here. Any and every woman who comes into the center can very easily see that nothing you said was true. we get new members on a regular basis and each and every member -old or new- is extremely happy with the program AND has seen amazing results. why? because they actually did what they were saposed to and followed the program. anyone who reads this – please disregard this angry single mother’s rediculous claims. Come to this amazing center and see for yourself



    Terri, I have been with the Poway Inches Away since it opened. I have found the program to work, both with the food choices and the exercise. Of course, when I started the program my food choices were limited; they are with any diet you begin. I am now eating regular food and continuing to have success. As far as the Daycare option, I was there on several occasions when you brought Joshua in. Because he wanted to stay with you and not be at the front of the room away from the machines, we were all concerned about his safety. His fingers, hands, feet could have been caught in any of the machines and he’d have been seriously hurt. It is a shame that you experience was so negative, but mine has been a huge success and I’d
    recommend this program to others.