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Incredible Green Heat is a reusable heating pad created around the Hulk character played by Lou Ferrigno in the 1970s. The heating pad includes crystals that turn into liquid when activated. The heating pad can then be used for 30 minutes to soothe aching muscles, feminine cramps and all over body pains.

List of Ingredients

Heat transferring gel.

Product Features

The Incredible Green Heat product tries to play on the image of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. In the 1970s, Ferrigno played Hulk in the television series when the main character transformed from every day Joe into the muscle bound green monster.

As a heating pad, the product does not require energy to activate which is a selling point for the company. We would love to say this is an eco-friendly option, but in order to reuse the heating pad it must be boiled for fifteen minutes which uses more electricity than a standard heating pad. With every use, the Incredible Green Heat gel insert needs to be boiled within 48 hours to recharge for another use.

There are no ingredients listed on the official Incredible Green Heat website which is concerning. If the pad were to break open, no safety information is listed in regards to skin contact or inhalation of heating chemicals if the pads break in the water.

The Incredible Green Heat is sold exclusively through the Active Forever website. Pads are sold for $25.95 each. There is a one year warranty but the product cannot be returned for a refund due to personal hygiene concerns. Active Forever return policies charge a 25% fee if an item is returned and if the shipment is refused, the credit card will be charged shipping and handling even if there was no shipping charged on the original order.

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  • Heat can help aching muscles associated with exercise.


  • The Incredible Green Heat is difficult to maintain and takes 15 minutes of boiling between each use.
  • The cost is higher than other portable heating pads.
  • No returns are allowed.
  • No ingredient list is offered by the manufacturer or seller.


In terms of weight loss, a heating pad can be an effective source of relief. However, this relief has little to do with increasing fat burn and metabolism. The Incredible Green Heat is a portable heating pad that requires a lot of time spent “recharging” the pad between uses. The overall cost of the heating pad and the time spent boiling the pad may be too much for many consumers. Active Forever, the retailer for Incredible Green Heat, says there is a one year warranty but does not allow the product to be returned for a refund.

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