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So many core ingredients used in dietary supplements are all-natural. However, this does not mean they are safe to take. In this piece, we will take a closer peek at the natural substance known as Indian Shilajit. While you may have never heard of it, this material is actually common in some eastern cultures.

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Indian Shilajit.

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Indian Shilajit is a substance that is commonly found in Ayurveda, which is a traditional system of Indian medicine. Basically this substance is an adaptogen, and comes from rasayana material. The purpose of Indian Shilajit is to help improve stamina, strength, and performance. It is also used to relieve stress to some degree and aid with anti-aging. There are supplement formulas available that contain Indian Shilajit, and one of them is Shilajit Gold. This particular product is a combination of herbs like Kesa, Shilajit, and Gold. It is claimed to be a sex stimulant that maintains the libido. The cost is around $16.

As for where Indian Shilajit comes from, it can be found in the Himalayan Mountains. Surprisingly, it is actually decomposed plant matter, which has meshed with rock. It is collected as a thick paste substance, and is commonly used in medicines. Some experts say that this material is beneficial to health due to the mineral content it offers. It may be able to help draw toxins out of the user’s system. Some other claimed benefits pertaining to Indian Shilajit are as follows; healthy brain functioning, kidney maintenance, immune system support, and the reduction of arthritis.

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  • This key ingredient may be able to boost stamina levels and improve brain functioning.
  • Indian Shilajit may help draw unhealthy toxins out of the body.
  • There are some positive reviews online regarding this Indian medicinal component.


  • Some individuals may have a negative reaction to Indian Shilajit.
  • Some of the claims made about this natural substance seem far-fetched, as if it is a miracle ingredient.
  • It is not commonly used in the United States, which may deter some men and women.
  • Indian Shilajit is not claimed to aid with weight loss.


Sorting through the numerous supplement products and key ingredients used in them these days can be quite exhausting. However, it is very important to know what you are getting involved with before taking anything. As for Indian Shilajit, it is nice to see that it has been used in Indian medicine for many years now. However, as for the claimed benefits of this substance, this is a little unclear. After all, it is claimed to do so many things. The question is, can you actually take it to address one issue without having side effects? This is something you should ask your doctor before taking Indian Shilajit.

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    I want to ask a question.. It might sound funny but I m really curious to find out that what happens if I take shilajit dosage on daily basis and do not have se* with anyone for an year.. What will be the consequesnces??