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Inferno Max appears to be a weight loss supplement once sold through GNC. The product is no longer listed for sale from GNC or any other supplement website. The ingredient list is available on various websites, but without an official website for the product, we cannot be sure all ingredients are listed. The main ingredient used in the supplement is caffeine and there is a lot of caffeine (and other stimulating ingredients) in the supplement. Dieters sensitive to caffeine may find the side effects are even stronger and long-lasting.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine, green tea, synephrine, niacin, guggulsterones, sclareolide, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

Product Features

The ingredient list for Inferno Max starts with clinically proven substances. Caffeine has been proven to increase metabolism by increasing heart rate. The faster the heart beats the more energy the body uses. There is a limit to this effect, however. Taking in too much caffeine can lead to caffeine overdose and a long list of health risks. This is especially true if the dieter takes Inferno Max and continues to drink caffeine-containing beverages throughout the day. The supplement may have only 100 mg of caffeine, but take it with coffee or caffeinated soda and that amount increases.

Green tea is another proven ingredient, but it also contains caffeine. We did not find any clinical evidence listed to prove the weight loss benefits of green tea, which is an oversight. All it takes is a quick online search and the dieter can find hundreds of clinical studies supporting healthy uses for green tea.

Synephrine rounds out the stimulants in Inferno Max. Synephrine is supposed to have the same effects as Ephedra, but that is just an unproven claim. Synephrine has never tested as effective as Ephedra simply because it is not as effective as Ephedra. It will increase heart rate and blood pressure, but these effects will only compound the side effects of too much caffeine.

Niacin is a B vitamin, but we don’t believe it is included in the supplement for that purpose. When Niacin is taken, it causes a flushing effect on the skin that some dieters associate with fat burn. Flushing does not mean the supplement is working to increase metabolism.

Inferno Max sells for about $40 though we could not find any bottles for sale.

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  • Caffeine and green tea are proven weight loss ingredients.


  • No detailed list of ingredients.
  • No clinical proof the supplement works.
  • May cause jitters and shakes.
  • No longer for sale.


Inferno Max is a fat burning supplement once sold through GNC. The product contains many stimulants, which could be a problem for caffeine-sensitive dieters. We suggest choosing a current supplement with clinical evidence it works.

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